​Nykaa Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner- Review


Nykaa Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner. I am back with yet another review for Nykaa’s new eyeliner. Nykaa is really jumping in the bandwagon and launching new products. Along with the Nykaa’s eyem black kajal, the other two products that launched were the new Vinyl luxe eyeliner. And hence I will be reviewing that today.

Nykaa Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner


The packaging of Nykaa Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner is a simple plastic bottle, with matte black finish and the name and details written in silver. The bottle has retractable opening and then the cap and the actual product bottle gets separated. The wand is thin and is kind off a sponge tip, I personally like these kind of applicator tips as these are sturdy and hence the application with these are pretty precise and accurate.

Product claims

The product claims to be :

1. Water-Resistant

2. Transfer-proof and

3. Lasts all day long.

Texture and pigmentation

The texture of Nykaa Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner is very watery. It is just like any other liquid liner. It has a a very black pigmentation and that is what I really liked about this eyeliner, as when I generally do a good eye-makeup, I always want the liner to be bold and dark. But many liquid liners tend to get mixed with the eye shadows and not look as bold and precise, but this one was a win win for me. ?

Colour pay-off

Colour pay-off is stunning. It is dark and pigmented. One swipe and you have good application. Love how it covers the lid without the eye shadows over-powering it.

Staying power

This one did fare quiet well. It stayed on my eyelids for a good 8-9 hours. Without any smudging or transferring which is amazing. Since I don’t have oily lids, many liners tend to stay for a good time on me. But if you have oily eye lids I am pretty sure this will stay on your lids for a good 6-7 hours.

Overall thoughts

For over-all thoughts, I would say that I really liked the pigmentation and staying power of the Nykaa Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner. Also the sponge tip applicator is really good for even application and it also helps to save the product as it absorbs the excess product and helps with precision of the application.


I would give this one a 4/5 stars.

Buy it here – nykaa

Thats all for this review. Will be back soon with another posts. Do let us know in the comment section if you are enjoying the posts and also if you guys want us to review any specific product.

Till then stay classy and keep loving yourself more and more.


Lots of love ?






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