25 Things I learned at 25


Every year we all learn new things and get wiser with each passing year or I can say as we keep getting a year older we do learn things that help us in becoming more understanding and practical in life.Lot of times we just need a few words of motivation from someone or advice from someone else’s experience and that is why I thought of sharing with you all…the 25 things I learned during the 25 years of my existence. 

25 Things I learned at 25

I have a lot to learn yet and many of you will have different opinions but that is okay..that is also one of the things I learnt. So grab something to drink and eat..this one is a little long ?

 1. The only person you have control on is your own self. Start being the kind of person you want others to be. ?

2. Forgive others for your own peace of mind. They have hurt you, hurting them back will not make you happy. Forgiving them will.

3. A perfect relation/partner is a myth, it’s about how two imperfect people try making a perfect relationship.?

4. I am a strong believer of “Opposites attract”. Its amazing to see how two different people can love each other with all the difference.??

5. When you give up on love..that is exactly when it will find you. Wait for it and it will come to you.?

6. Not always, in a relationship, it’s important to win the contest of right or wrong; it just takes one word ‘sorry’.?

7. If life is giving you a chance to mend something which is broken, just reach out to it.?

8. You do grow up. At one point in life, we grow up and outgrow every stupid thing that now looks too big to be ignored but later in life it will all be so small, that you won’t even bother to look or think about it. 

9. You are stronger than you know.You will get up everyday & start up again and fight the same demons you left behind at night, but everyday you will be more wise & stronger than before.?

11. Be dramatic, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. What is a life without some movie dialogues, over the top expressions and over-excitement. ?
12. Just keep doing something insane, just keep that child in you, alive.??

13. If something goes terribly wrong its not the end of the world. You will get over it. ?

14. Never limit yourself. Keep the rush in life to do things, about doing anything and everything even if u fail miserably. (At least you tried).


15. Its okay if you have to let go of some people in your life. It will take sometime to find “your real best friends” in life who will stay and never leave.

16. Its OK to say “No”, even to your friends or family or someone close to you. It doesn’t mean you are mean or selfish, because it is sometimes not your job to do everything for others.

17. Your parents are the only two people who have ever loved you more than you love yourself. Do things for them and see the happiness in their eyes. That is the biggest joy of life.?

18. Not everyone will always understand things with your perspective. Two people have different opinions,views and choices. Respecting that is a sign of strength.?

19. Accepting the fact that you are beautiful and worth of all the great things. Somethings will be always less in life and someone will always be more beautiful. But the way we find someone beautiful always remember you have a beauty that others can see but you are unaware yourself. ?

20. Open your heart to those who are willing to listen. You may have hundred of friends. Or u may have a big group of friends but its not necessary everyone should know everything about you. Open up to a person only when they truly want to listen to you.


21. Its okay to just “be” sometimes. Situations keep happening in life on which you have no control. If people your age are married,settled or earning good that doesn’t necessarily mean you have no right to just be free…not doing anything. Everyone and anyone who is at some phase in their life are meant to be there and you are too. You are meant to do great things too…but its just not your time yet.?

22. Try out things that you are afraid of, or things that you wanna do but you are divided into being a responsible person and being happy. Go out if you want to, get drunk, try a new dress, cut you hair, color it, do whatever the hell makes you feel content.?


23. Time flies. Time never waits for anyone. So do whatever you want or you are planning to and  even if you fail…you will have this amazing feel of contentment and you will not regret that “at least i could’ve tried”…and who knows if your plans are actually your destiny.?


24. This is the most important thing i learnt. Love the shit out of people who love you. The people who care for you…who do things for you with or without you even knowing about it. These people, your friends, co-workers, family or cousins they are the real reason for you being the sane person that you are right now…because life is tough for everyone…its like an ocean in which you have to sail but these people are your anchor. They lift you up, make you happy and in a way prepare you for everything that is ahead. Be there for them or in simple words, be someone’s anchor. You never know someone might just tell you one day that because of what you said or did for them, they did not give up.??

 25. Keep learning. I am 25 and these are only the few of the things i have learnt in these many years. But i have so much more to see and so much more to learn. Listen to people who are older than you…they have amazing views and experiences to talk about…listen to the people younger than you…you never know what you need to hear that can make everything seem simple can be coming from anyone around you..so keep an open mind and learn everyday.??

I would love to know what all you have to share..so comment down below the thing you learnt in the years of growing up.

Lots of love to you all,
Stay fabulous?
Priyanka ?

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