5 Home Remedies You should know about to Lighten Dark Lips


How are you all doing ? I am here again with a new post and some home ingredients heroes. Today I am sharing my 5 Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Lips You should know about. These have worked really well for me.

5 Home Remedies You should know about to Lighten Dark Lips

Dark lips are a very common problem and many people are affected by it. Women are generally more concerned about their appearances and tend to try variety of cosmetics and products. These products may help them temporarily but can have side effects as well. But most of them have only temporary results and they have some terrible side effects. There can be various reason that our lips become dry and dark.


There are many factors that can cause your lips to darken. Several factors can lead to darker lips such as:

  • Genetics
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Pollution
  • Allergies
  • Skin conditions such as dermatitis and jaundice
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Smoking/chewing tobacco
  • Caffeine
  • Low quality cosmetics
  • Aging

Home remedies

I am sure you may have heard about many home remedies which include easily available ingredients like lemon,sugar ,cream, rose petals,honey,almond oil and honey, Pomegranate,berries,beetroot juice and many more .

Today I am sharing my 5 Home Remedies to Lighten Dark Lips You should know about. These have worked really well for me.

Cream And Glycerin overnight Lip nourishment

Cream and glycerin both have great Moisturizing quality.

Cream nourishes the lips to make them look soft and pink.

How to Use

  • Take small amount of cream
  • Add two drops of glycerin and mix it well .
  • Rub this mixture on lips every night and leave it on the lips overnight.

You will see the effect from first use itself.

I would highly recommend this one as this has been my mother’s favourite home remedy for supple lips. .


If you’re looking to turn back the clock and want younger looking pink lips, you should make friends with Honey.

Honey moisturizes your lips and helps restore your aging lips back to their natural pink color.

How to Use

Apply some amount of honey on your lips before sleeping and rinse it off in the morning using warm water.

It will leave your lips soft and supple each day.


Sugar can be used to create exfoliator/lip scrub as it helps in removing the dead cells from your lip skin.

How to use

  • Mix a few granules of sugar with butter to form a natural scrub. Use it once a week for bright and pink lips.

Do this process once a week.

  • Mix one teaspoonful of sugar along with one teaspoonful of honey and half teaspoonful of olive oil. Use it as a natural scrub onto your lips.

Do this process once a week.

Rose petals and Cream :

Crush some Rose petals and mix them in cream to form a thick paste.

Apply this mixture on your lips. Leave it for sometime and then rinse it with milk and then with water.

This mixture will help in exfoliating the skin and make your lips look soft and rosy.

Almond Oil and Honey :

This remedy works as a triple shot for dark lips. It has great results in softening, moisturizing, and lightening your lips.

Almond oil has vitamin E which you protects from UV damage . It also have Vitamin B and minerals which help in lightening and rejuvenation of the soft skin.

Checkout here Coconul Oil use

How to use

  • Mix one teaspoonful of both oil and honey
  • Apply the mixture onto your lips.
  • Rinse it off after about half an hour.

You can repeat this process thrice a day to get the desired results.

Water :

Your lips can get Dry when body becomes dry and dehydrated. Drink a lot of water and keep your body hydrated.

Hope this post helps you get rid of your dark lips issues.

How do you take care of your lips? Comment below and let us know

Written by : Divya Sharma





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