5 Weekend Getaways from Bangalore Noone tells you about

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Bangalore, popular as the IT capital of India is situated at such a wonderful location that whether you are an adventure freak or someone who just loves to stretch his legs and fall asleep, you would find something for yourself around Bangalore for a relaxing/pleasing weekend. Read ahead to know about 5-weekend getaways from Bangalore.

5-Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Essentially not a getaway from Bangalore, Lal Bagh is the pendant in the necklace of Bangalore’s gardens

This garden is one of India’s old gardens started by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, the rulers of Mysore. It is spread across 40 acres of land and located at a distance of 3.9 km from Bengaluru.

5 Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

This garden earned its status of Government Botanical Garden in 1856 and since then it is an internationally renowned center for the scientific study of plants, botanical artwork, and conservation of plants.  It was responsible for the introduction of many ornamental plants as well as those of economic values. It has the famous glass house, a replica of Crystal Palace of England at the central location, built in 1989 which holds biannual flower shows – 26th January & 15th August.

Bilikal Betta The White Rock

5 Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Bilikal Ranganatha Swamy Betta also known as Bilikal Betta is a hill at 3780 ft, is a huge attraction for trekking. The trekking takes 2.5 hrs uphill and about 1.5 hr downhill. From Bangalore city, this is as far as 70 km. The trekking trail starts from Konala Doddi. It’s popular for night trek as well.  Post monsoon, the thick vegetation harbors elephants and other wildlife. Permission from the forest office in Bannerghatta is a must for hiking to the summit. The hill is also known for the temple of Lord Ranganatha Swamy at the top. The temple and adjacent quarters are housed underneath a huge granite rock.

Mekedatu : Falls through gorge

The place is at Bheemeshwari, at a distance of 103 km from Bangalore City Junction.

5 Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Bheemeshwari is a small town in Mandya district of Karnataka. It is located between the Shivanasamudra Falls and Mekedatu on River Cauvery. Mekedatu has an eye tonic view when you stand on the gorge to watch the great fall.

Kokkare Bellur : Bird Sanctuary

Named after painted stork “Kokkare”, this village is in Mandya district of Karnataka, located at about 100Kms from Bangalore. Apart from Storks, this sanctuary is also known for spot-billed pelicans. This is not a reserved bird sanctuary and yet has gained international recognition in the recent past for being one of the 21 breeding sites existing in India. Rare and beautiful migratory birds can be viewed within the limits of the village.

As you visit the dam nearby, the amazing sight of birds catching fish is simple entertainment. However as the story goes, villagers believe that these birds bring luck. The most unique phenomena that you will enjoy is to see how these villagers have adopted the spot-billed pelicans.  Phosphorus and potassium-rich manure obtained from the bird droppings are a great benefit to the village.

5 Weekend Getaways from Bangalore

Kolar :The Golden City

It takes to cross about 80kms from Bangalore over NH-4 as you reach this small town in Karnataka. Famous for Milk & Gold mines, this place is an attraction for Temples, Fortresses, silk, tomato, and mango. These are exported in UK, USA, and UAE. A place worth a visit.

So pack your bags and have a fun!!

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Post contributed by : Sangeeta Banerjee

Picture courtesy : Tilak Banerjee




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