A Beginner’s Guide for Easy Hair Removal at Home


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I had always been a waxing person. When I started grooming myself in my teenage, the only way I was introduced to was waxing. The pain, the burns, the after effects like redness, rashes were a few things I had accepted with it.

Beginner’s Guide for Easy Hair Removal at Home

As I grew and got to know about various other ways, I wanted to experiment with the ways I could keep my legs smooth and clean without fuss. However, was really not sure.I wish there was a blog back then(not that I am talking about 100 of years ago ) I wish there was a way I could know the pros and cons of each option available to keep your legs clean and smooth. Today I wanted to share with you various methods I have tried over the years and my experiences with each of them.

1. Waxing

This was my first ever way introductory method of hair removal. Now, waxing can be done with hot or cold wax. The wax is applied to your skin and then  you strip it away , pulling the hair out with it.

It is the most painful procedures I feel. Specially, when you get no time to go to a parlor for a month.

2. Cream based hair removal

The next thing I tried was the cream based hair removal technique. You apply the cream on the area leave it for 10-15 mins and then with the help of a spatula take the cream off. The hair come off with the cream without you even realizing it is already done.

This had been the easiest way for me but I just could not take the choking fumes these creams produce.

3. Electronic shaving equipment

Electric trimmers which trim the hair from the surface of the skin .

This was easy and quick. However, the sound of the trimmer used to freak me out hence this was never a preference.

4. Razor shaving

I have used razor with shave gel as well as directly over the skin.

Today I am showing you how I use the new Gillette Venus Shaving kit for the smoother legs.

So I got the kit while the Nykaa sale was on. You can buy it on their website here

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Steps to smoother and clean legs

Step 1: First, soak hair in the shower or bath for 2-3 minutes to soften.

Step 2: Exfoliate the skin with a body scrub to remove dead skin, open pores for the in grown hair to get softened.

Step 3 : Lather up with the Satin Care Sensitive Skin shave gel. The Shave Gel helps in keep the hair moist. The razor glides easily over your skin. The gel helps in protecting you from potential nicks and cuts. It helps me keep a track of what all areas are still left ;).

Step 4: Start shaving with the help of your razor with very soft touch.

Step 5: Apply moisturiser as moisturization helps in keeping the skin hydrated and adds the glow. You can use a cooling moisturiser to cool down your skin as well.
Keep in mind: Shave with a fresh blade. If your blade shows any wear and tear or any damage replace it with a new one. I usually change it after after 8-10 shaves.

Hope the tricks helps you save on your time and money you spend in parlor. Off course who doesn’t like taking things in your own hands.

Do let us know if you would like to see more of these how-to blogs.

Leave a comment below tell us what is your most comfortable way to shave?

Take care!!


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