A Happy Summary of My Year 2016


5 High points of 2016

As the year comes to an end…and we are going to welcome 2017, I wanted to share with you all some of the amazing moments in my life…some are pretty big some are small tiny things that happened but they hold a huge place in my heart.

With that I want to tell you all to be happy and positive…2016 was not a best year for many people…it was a decent year for me as well, but I tried and maintained a positive vibe and to look something better in everything.
Be hopeful!! If this was not a great year for you all..trust god, the coming year will be.

1. I completed my sister’s wish

If you are following our blog from beginning, you guys must be familiar with the void in my life that was created when my soul sister passed away in 2015. (Talk about the worst year now). She had her set of bucket list that had so many things that she did when she was here and things she wanted to do. One of such things was to get a tattoo with her elder sister ( Kapila ) and we both decided to complete her wish and we both got inked. We made a “sister’s” tattoo that Sonu had selected, the symbol of love we three share with each other.
Again a tiny gesture but that holds a huge place in my heart.
We also shot small clips when we were getting it done.

2. My best friend’s wedding


My best friend got married on 23rd April,2016 to my elder brother. I could have written my brother’s wedding..but it will always be my best friend’s wedding for me as I had dreamt of this day since forever. It was a perfect celebration with all my loved ones with us. The feeling was of immense love and nostalgia as we both had dreamt and planned for this day since ages. I was in the worst front in terms of my health but still postivity kept me going (so don’t loose hope).

3. I overcame the pain… Fell in love again


I had to undergo a spine surgery for disc degeneration. I cannot tell you guys how painfully I have lived the last 4-5 years with this spine condition that escalated to almost loosing 50-60% of sensation in my left leg. (Worst years of my life) but I kept going.
During the period of my surgery my fiance was with me throughout like a solid pillar of support, from helping in turning on the sides to taking me to washroom and helping me walk to taking me to movies when I felt homesick he did everything to make me feel better about the situation…I fell in love with him again. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. (Babe, if you read this, I Love You!!)

4. We finally moved into our own house


Most of my life we lived in a rented place. But I was still glad we had a roof to sleep in. But the joy and security one feels when you move into your own house is immeasurable. I am glad my parents worked so hard to provide us with all the things we could ask for.



It is a dream house. I have my own room. Everything little thing in this house was handpicked with lots of love. And I am thankful to god for giving us all that we prayed for.

5. Dream came true

I always wanted to start my blog (I know, everyone says that) but who said that we cannot have same dream as others? Do we have patent rights on dreams? No!!!! We don’t, so if you have a dream follow it..don’t think what people will think, I will be judged, people will laugh at me etc etc. Honey!!! People will keep judging you till the day you die, some will laugh at you or behind you. But let your work and success speak for you.
I am glad Kapila di gave me this push by creating this blog for me, with me. And we are here with you all as Every Little Thing: Happiness. 
I promise to keep working hard everyday, and let my work speak for me.
That’s it you guys!!
The year has been tough for many, but we all can atleast find small tiny things, gestures or events to be positive and hopeful for future, because one year will not make you big..but it will certainly not break you bad.
Keep loving yourself,
Be hopeful and party hard because the future awaits you.
Happy new year my lovelies.

Cheers to new plans, resolutions and all beautiful things we dream of.

Lotsss of love,
? – lawyerforever
? – kapila.rattan
? – everylittlething.happiness




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