A Letter to My Blog


Dear EveryLittleThingHappiness,

A very Happy New year 2020! I know I know, I took much longer to rebound than we thought. I know, I have ignored you for way longer than you deserved. I am not going to any justification for that.

My relation with you does not require any justification of any sort, right?

After all, with you, I started writing to share every little joy of life and that is how your name was.

When I started writing in 2016 and sharing my experience, I wrote for myself to document my experiences in life. Hoping that these experiences will help my readers and bring a smile to their face.

Writing has been such an exciting task for me. Setting up a schedule for the post, working on the posts, the little bit of SEO I could. I learned and grew so much with you.

It has been exciting to be my own boss. Setting up my targets and goals. It gives a different high on achieving what I had planned for.

With 2020, I promise you to start doing it again this year, continue sharing my knowledge experience with my readers and not keep them waiting for long.

With 2020, I promise I would devote specific due time for you and not leave you unattended for long.

I hope you keep loving me and trusting me the way you have till now.

2020 will be a year of Every Little Thing Happiness



These are my true feelings .What better way to express than writing a letter to my blog.




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