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Women are inspiring in every possible way. From having to handle household work to handling children and handling work, a woman has been juggling responsibilities beautifully and remarkably for years. All the moms are on a 24X7 duty for their family and kids. The Working Mom I am talking about is the mom who has taken up the additional responsibility of their career and contributing to the family in more than ways.

The entire month of April you would see my blog on topics, very close to my life, as a working woman, a Working Mom.

Many working moms experience the same issues, concerns frustrations related to managing kids, work and home. I have been no different and it is definitely not easy.

A Working Woman Experience and Resources

What I am trying to share with you guys in the coming days are few things which have made my life easier. Things which I have learnt in life and would want you guys to know too.

It is really challenging but with a little ( or may be a lot) of planning and persistence you can make life much easier and peaceful .

Being committed to work and family always is really tough task that working moms take on. It is super tiring and exhausting. On top you are considered not fully present at work or even at home as a mother. But you don’t have to think it this way.

Yes it is possible to have a full-time career and be an active mother as well. All you need is to learn to find balance that works for you and your family.

Hope the following tips help Working Woman to juggle the two side better.

Let go off the mom guilt

Society is filled with Sexist stereotypes even today.  So I am sure you must have been judged for “abandoning” your child to return to work whereas when your partner goes to work he is going to “provide” support to the family.

While some of us choose to go to work because we don’t have the option to stay-at-home due to financial issues, some o back because they love their career a lot. Whatever is the reason, deciding that I want to be a working mom should be left to me and it is something to be admired and not to be judged or shamed.

If you feel that you are not being with your child all the time, its time to Let got that mom guilt.

Focus on things like your work is contributing to your family, and you made the best choice for yourself and your kids and family.

Use time saving hacks

Use stragergies and plans to get most things done in least time.

Ordering groceries has been part of our lifestyle for a very long time now. Getting the groceries delivered not only saves time but also lot of energy and then you have things already listed and hence you wont forget anything.

Get quick errands done while on the way back home or during your lunch breaks.

Get bags/outfits/part of the meals prepared a night before so that you don’t rush during the morning hours.

Working Woman Work desk

Reduce distractions and time wasters

Time is precious for a working mom. Be mindful of how you spending your time. Cut down on your long lunch breaks and internet surfing time to stay focused and not waste the precious limited time you have.

At home, be focused on your partner and children and lesser on phone/social media  or TV , to ensure you are spending quality time together

Share the housework

Share the household chores with family members. Assign age appropriate tasks to your kids. Share the load with your partner.

Once in a while hire cleaning service to deep clean your house.

Say yes to less

You don’t have to go to every single party you are invited to. Or you do not have to participate in every extracurricular activity.

Decide what and how much you can schedule and choose activities your child enjoys the most.  

Take the much needed rest.

Lower your expectations

Lot of expectations are on the moms to cook fresh, healthy meals day in and day out, maintain a prim and proper house and be a perfect parent. These expectations are often set by ourselves for us.

There is nothing as “Perfect Parent”. Lower your expectations.

Your house does not have to be sparkly clean always but yes maintain hygiene levels.

Buying cookies instead of making them at home does not make you a less lovable mom. Home cooked meal are goals but making it fresh every time if not possible you can try finding ways to use the leftovers.

You are important

Finding time for Me-time is important to maintain the balance of hectic work and home life.

You cannot pour from the empty glass. So fill up your glass with happiness and spread love. Find one activity that will help you recharge and relax and create a routine to work on that activity regularly. This can be anything including meditation, yoga, reading, writing, catching up with friend, or pampering yourself.

For me I have a lot of things for my me-time

  1. My daily Gratitude journal
  2. Meditation
  3. Some pampering session every now and then.

So come with me on this month-long journey of Blog posts where I share my everyday ideas, musings, and experiences as a working woman, as a working mom.

This post is written as part of the BlogchatterA2Z challenge




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