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Every Little Thing: Happiness

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Welcome to “Every Little Thing: Happiness”! . A place you get to read thoughts, experiences, and feelings about little happiness of life; the pleasures that are experienced by all but sometimes we fail to acknowledge them.

A cuddly hug, a day out, an achievement, some chilled out time with loved ones, a review of a makeup product we have, an advice to make life a little easier and lots more! There are many ways of feeling and spreading happiness. We are doing it by sharing our stories with our readers.

That is Every Little Thing: Happiness!!!

Our Story

Every Little Thing: Happiness is dedicated to my sister Sonu, who lived her life to the fullest, spreading her vivacious smile and love around.

Her dream conceived by Kapila and Priyanka. Dream of creating a community of happiness. Getting information, advice and real- life experiences on Parenting, beauty, travel and lifestyle. 

With Every Little Thing: Happiness, we bring to you a sneak peak of our lives and tell you about those little moments which give us happiness. Also, we share our experiences about various aspects of beauty, lifestyle, travel, food. Afterall, in the end, it is just the happiness that matters.

Love you all!!

Every Little Thing: Happiness

Behind The Blog

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Kapila Rattan Bhowmik

My name is Kapila. I am 35 years old. Software engineer by profession and a mommy of two lovely girls .I love to dress up, travel and explore the world.

Here I share with you my experiences and tips and tricks related to parenting, beauty, makeup, lifestyle, travel. Hope you enjoy reading them and my experiences serve as a help to you.

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Priyanka Sharma

I am Priyanka. I am a 26 years old law graduate, who loves dressing up and also believe that makeup is an amazing art!

Here I am with my own blog partnered with my sister.

Follow us on this journey of love, happiness, advice, fashion, makeup, reviews and all little things that make life an amazing journey.

The happy stories will spread smiles all around. The parenting experiences will be of help to the newly made parents and they will know that the hustle is the same everywhere. The beauty, lifestyle, travel and food stories will be a beautiful add-on to your daily routines and will also tell you how you can improve them. Stay connected with us on this journey!

Every Little Thing = Happiness