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When I returned to work after 6 months of maternity break, Baby T was majorly on milk and semi-solid just once a day.  Hence for the daycare bag I packed for her, I used to keep options for her semi-solid meal for the day. Along with that to make sure she was feeding well throughout the day I kept feeding bottles, sterilized water, and formula milk. I am today telling you more about the baby bottle sterilizer I loved.

Sterilized Water

Baby’s digestive system is still developing and it’s important we do not let any contamination affect them.

To make sure, I prefer to sterilize water by following the steps mentioned below

  1. Boil RO water in a clean vessel.
  2. Keep the water boiling for 5 mins
  3. Cool down the water a little and store in a clean container.

Baby Feeding bottles

While feeding bottles was never an issue for Miss G in her infancy age, we had to try different bottles for Baby T for which one is most comfortable for her to feed.  However, both the times to make sure there is no contamination or infection in the bottle I always made sure the bottles were thoroughly cleaned

  • Washing them with a mild baby bottle wash liquid soap.
  • Bottle sterilizing 

Bottle Sterilizing 

Each night before going to bed, it is in our routine that we keep all the washed bottles for sterilization.

R for Rabbit Peter Fighter Plus – The Baby Bottle Steam Sterilizer

Product details

Key Features:

  • Safety First – 0% BPA (Harmful Chemical) | ISO9001, ROHS Certified | Automatic shutdown in case of low water level for safety
  • Kills Bacteria – Effective steam heating to kill 99.9% bacteria in the bottle to keep your baby safe from diseases.
  • Quick Sterilization – 9 minutes timer for fast steam sterilization, can sterilize 6 bottles at the same time.
  • Capacity – Space to accommodate and sterilize 6 all size baby bottles simultaneously
  • Easy ON /OFF – Fill 90 ml of water and put it ON and it will take Just 12 minutes to completely sterilize the bottles
  • Auto Shutdown – Inbuilt timer to shut down the sterilizer on its own for optimum usage of electricity.
  • Energy Saving – Low on electricity load and auto shutdown to use optimum electricity.
  • Compact Design – Designed to fit into your kitchen occupying less space. Simple to carry during travel

Cost :  It is priced for INR  1,998.00

You can buy it from RforRabit or Amazon

Overall Experience

It is very important to sterilize bottle after each use to make sure no infection affects the babies bottles

I have used R for Rabit Peter Fighter Plus – The Baby Bottle Steam Sterilizer for sterilizing my daughter’s bottles. It is really convenient and a bliss for me. I can sterlize 6 bottles at one time. Its auto shutdown helps me put it on sterilization as per my convenient time and it will work and cut off once the work is done

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