Unwritten – Blogging Resolutions for 2019


2018 had been a remarkable year in my blogging journey. There have been great learning opportunities throughout the year. The year helped me grow and know more of the bloggers community .

Unwritten – Blogging Resolutions for 2019

The aspirations for 2019 are high and I wanted to pen down my blogging resolution for 2019.

Write consistently

I understand the importance of consistency in any field and blogging is no different. While 2018 started with consistent posting, I lost track toward the end of the year.

Hence as the first resolution, I would want to make sure I write consistently even if it means one post a week on the blog website.

Form a community

Last year when I took part in My friend Alexa challenge by blogchatter, I understood blogging is not only about writing. It about creating a community, connecting with other bloggers.

Second resolution for my blogging journey for 2019 , I would continue to form connection with other bloggers.


Reading is really liberating. Reading blogs of various bloggers online gives an insight about others take on different situations. Reading is a great way to connect to fellow bloggers and to your readers as well. This year I am making sure I read at least 20 blog posts each month.

Working on SEO for the blog  

SEO is the best way to get your blog popular and get the posts to the right readers. I am guilty of not taking SEO seriously. However, 2019 I plan to work on SEO professionally and get things working in much better way.

Creating Pinterest profile

The best way to get traffic to the website is through pinterest. Pinterest is a pictorial search engine. 2019 will be the year of cracking the pinterest algorithm and working towards getting my blog’s pins in the top searches.

These look like different resolutions however, in 2019 the big picture is getting Every Little Thing: happiness to a noticeable position.

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