Breast feeding Week – Food to help improve Breast milk supply


1st week of August is marked as “Breastfeeding Week ” .  I wanted to share with you Food to help improve Breast milk supply.

We all know, Breast-milk is highly nutritious and the prime food needed for baby’s proper growth and development. It meets the child’s nutritional requirements in initial life stages.

Did you know : If your baby is breastfed he/she does not even require water.

Food plays a very important role in our lives. If a mother feeds on healthy food her child will have healthy wholesome breastfeed which is needed for overall growth of the baby.

Today I am sharing with you few food items from our Indian kitchen I have heard from my mom, daadi and naani which helps in improving breastmilk supply.

Food to help improve Breast milk supply


To keep the feed supply sufficient keep yourself hydrated. You should be taking enough fluids in your diet. Dehydration causes less breast-milk production.

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Jeera( Cumin seeds)

This is one of the daadi nani nuske I think most of us must have heard about.

You can use it in any or all of the following ways

  • Dry roast it on a tawa and keep the powder. Sprinkle that powder over raita or any veggie for added flavours.
  • Roast the jeera and crush it using rolling pin. Heat jaggery in a pan. Add the roasted crushed jeera to the semi-solid jaggery and mix it. Let it cool and solidify. You can make small pea-size candies out if it and eat them as per your liking. It is a good taste changer too


All the pulses are great lactogenic sources. Adding these to your diet help increase the milk supply. Red masoor is the best one from the Daad-naani pitara.

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Garlic is also a great lactogenic source. You don’t have to eat it raw. Add a little paste in your meals. It will help increase the milk supply.

Green vegetables

Laukri, tori, tinde, palak all these green which we usually hate( Well I don’t .. I know I am a bit too different) are a great source of increasing breast-milk .  They are packed with nutrition great for you and your baby. So if not for yourself.. do it for your baby 😉

Daliya( Broken wheat or porridge)

I love having daliya too in sweet and in salty format. Let me know if you would want to know the recipe.

I hope these pointers help the new mums feed their baby well .

Happy breastfeeding week to the mums!


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  1. Thanks for mentioning these. It is extremely important to maintain the levels of essential nutrients.

  2. Hi Kapila! I completely agree with you on the foods you have mentioned. However, I wish to add dairy products and nuts in this list. Though these foods don’t increase the breast milk supply directly, they help to replenish the bodily stores of vitamins and minerals in the mother, thus, maintaining the good breast milk supply. Hope you find my suggestion useful.


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