Budget Friendly Cake smash Idea #MyFriendAlexa


I always loved the idea of cake smash and letting the baby mess around and have fun. I so wanted to do it with Miss G. However, we were not sure 4 years ago how to do it. Hiring a photographer never came to our mind because my sister and her professional camera were there.

Last month after we started preparations for BabyT’s birthday party I wanted to do a cake smash for her.

But the quotes I got from various photographers were way out of our budget and I just could not think of burning a hole in the pocket just before the major party expenses.

How the idea clicked

For the past one year, I have been clicking pictures of my baby and they have been pretty decent.

So I just thought of taking it up myself. After all, all that I wanted was memories of the day captured.

The Theme

Since I already knew what the color scheme and theme of Baby T’s birthday would be I want to keep the pictures close to the theme yet different.

Pink was the safest color as it was used in the birthday theme and yes! it is easily available too.

Setting the Backdrop

For the background, you can choose from the following options

  1. Plain paper backdrop

You would need around 6 ft by 3 ft size paper for the backdrop.

You can buy it here

2. Cloth paper backdrop

There is a host of option available for this in the market as well as online.

If you don’t want to buy, you can use a single color curtain/bedsheet for the background as well.

I have two colors of curtains at home I always had in mind to make the background. However, it looked dull and I decided to add some brightness to it. I ordered the silver foil curtain and the game changed!!

PERFECT PARTY Background..isn’t it ??

The Decoration props

You can add one or more of the following items to the props as per your liking

  1. Balloons
  2. Alphabets Balloons
  3. Paper fans
  4. Pompoms
  5. Bunting
  6. Pictures

I wanted to add all but it would have looked cluttered. 

I  few Props in few pictures and then few more in other and the output was really fabulous.

The cake

I have been getting cakes from Deepali who makes cakes from home since Tanvika turned 2 months. Each month Deepali was the one who made cake for her monthly birthdays. 

So for the cake smash picture I had to get cake from her. She was kind enough to give this cake as a gift for Tanvika in advance. Thanks so much Deepali.

Check her page out : Bakester

The Camera

Would you belive if I said these pictures were take with mobile phones!! Good enough for the personal memories right?

The phones use One Plus 5 and Real Me

I used the phone app “snapseed” to edit my photos. let me know if you would want to know how to use the app. I will do a detailed post.

So here is the final product of the awesome fun time I had with my girls DIYing her cake smash photo shoot.

Checkout my DIY birthday gift idea

What do you guys think ? Leave you comments below

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