Celebrating Parenthood: 4 Steps to Organizing the Best Baby Shower Ever


When a couple is expecting their first child, everyone in their family, extended family and their friends want to help them celebrate. The best way to do that is with a baby shower. And today, baby showers aren’t just for the women in the family. There are combined and couples baby showers, as well as men only showers, often referred to as a “diaper shower.”

The first thing one needs to do in planning a baby shower is to get the venue, which will also determine the date of the event. Start your planning by clicking now to villarussocatering.com, to see which rooms, dates, and extras are available for your family’s baby arrival celebration.

Celebrating Parenthood: 4 Steps to Organizing the Best Baby Shower Ever

Here are the 4 steps to organizing the best baby shower ever:

1.  The Date and Guest List

Unless the shower is a surprise, check with the mother-to-be to make sure she will be available on the date you are planning. It may be better to give her a couple of choices of dates to make sure she can attend her own shower.

As soon as the date is confirmed, start on the guest list. This is another part of the party that the person or persons being honored should be included in for they may have more people they know should attend.

2. The Location

Before choosing the perfect location, think about the weather and how far family and friends may be traveling. Baby showers are often held a few weeks before the baby is scheduled to arrive and that can sometimes mean the middle of winter.

Choosing a baby shower location that will be easily accessible for older family members should be a top consideration. Another thought should be that the venue accommodates what your needs are. Some families prefer to cook their own food for celebrations while others would rather have someone cater to the event.

3. A Theme

Some individuals are secretive about the gender of their baby and will want a generic celebration, which typically means green and yellow instead of pink and blue. For those who announce the gender, they may also be able to tell you what the nursery theme will be.

Coordinating the theme of the shower to go with the nursery room theme will help your guest to purchase gifts that will stock the nursery. Items such as decorative pictures, toys, sheets, and lamps will be easier to purchase if the guest knows what type of theme the new parents are going with.

4. Have Fun

The most important part of organizing a baby shower is to make sure your guest-of-honor and those in attendance are going to have a good time. This does not always mean you need to play silly baby shower games. However, you could make a collage of the parents through the years, from birth to high school and have people guess who is who. 

When planning a baby shower to celebrate the birth of a new family member, keep in mind it is for the mother- and father-to-be. They are the only people you need to make happy.




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