Colorbar Feel The Rain Collection Lipstick – Review


Hi Lovelies,

Though the rainy season is coming to an end and we are moving towards the fall/winter season, I wanted to talk to you guys about the Colorbar “Feel the Rain” lipstick collection.

I have loved colorbar lipsticks from a very long time and have owned quite a few of the shades from them from different ranges. Comment below if you would want to see my colorbar lipstick collection?

Coming back to the “Feel the Rain Collection”. This is Colorbar’s limited edition range which was launched in the monsoon season. These are Creamy matter lipsticks.

About the Product

Bright, bold, vivid ultra-matte and soothing ultra-moisture join forces to create this super-rich, super-pampering, super-sexy lipstick. Pure drama. Pure glamour.It is enriched with the goodness of FIVE essential oils – Argan Oil, Moringa Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil & Vit E that restores moisture and improves texture of the skin. It also has sun protecting properties which nourishes and protect lips against UV rays.

Perfect Matte formulation with care ingredients.
Extremely Long-lasting.
Contains goodness of five essential oils.
One stroke application.
High content of pigments for immediate color release.
Soft and glides smoothly on application.
Enriched with Vit E- preservative and natural antioxidant against skin aging.
Sun Protecting property which nourishes and protect lips against UV rays.
Not tested on animals.


Colorbar has come up with such an amazing packaging for these lipsticks. It is just so Gorgeous.  It was actually the packaging which first tempted me to buy them to be honest!!

The lipsticks are packed in a cardboard box and have water droplet textured print on it. The lipstick inside also has the similar textured water droplets packaging. The product is packed in the twist and turn usual lipstick packaging.

Another unique thing about these lipsticks is the color coding, The outer packaging color is similar to the color of the lipstick. So it is very easy for you to decipher  shades from outside.

Cost : INR 650/- for 4.2 gms of the product


There are 7 shades in the range named based on the rainy season in mind.

01 Thunder  

This is a bright fuchsia pink shade. Vibrant and will look good on all skin tones.

02 Storm

Storm is a gorgeous red very subtle, very everyday wearable shade. It will suit all skin tone.

03 Lightening

Lightening is a soft baby pink shade towards a nude shade side suitable for lighter skin tones.

04 Drizzle

Drizzle is a neutral brown shade.

05 Shower

Shower is a purple based pink very similar to MAC Flat out Fabulous lipstick.

06 Damp

Shade : Damp

Damp is a pink based nude shade. This is the shade for everyday office look. But only fair skin tones.

07  Hail

Hail is a bright coral kinda red shade.

Texture and pigmentation

The lipsticks are creamy matte lipsticks. The creamy formula does not dry your lips and the lipstick glides on smoothly your lips.

Shade : Shower

The pigmentation however, I would say is average as it gives you a semi-opaque coverage on one swipe. 2-3 swipes will give you nice coverage.

The formula is not very creamy not very drying hence 1-2 coats don’t feel much on your lips.


The lipstick takes time to settle but once on the lips it stays on for 4-5 hours long. I could have some snacks meal and the lipstick left a nice tint on my lips .

After 4-5 hours you require to give a touch up. However, one thing which I loved about it was after the touchup I felt the longevity was much more. It was on my lips for the rest of the day.

Overall Thoughts

My love for nude shades is probably known to everyone now. I wanted to pick just one shade from this range but I ended up in two.

I have 06 Damp and 05 Shower.

Both the colors are very nice and everyday colors. Single coat of DAMP washed my face but 2-3 layers looked lovely.

Shower is a bright color and instantly brightens up your face.

The lipsticks stayed on my lips for good 4-5 hours after which I had to re touch up. However, it left a slight tinch of color on my lips and not those weird outline of the lips.

Hope you liked the review. Did you try these lipsticks? Which has been your favorite color from the range. Comment below and let us know.

Until next time take care and remember ” On any day, there is always a lipstick ;)”








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