Creative Activities for Toddlers in Lockdown

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We all are at home due to the Lockdown due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. All of us are finding it extremely challenging and find out ways to spend our time effectively and positively during the lockdown. While elders can still understand the reason for lockdown how do you reason it out to a toddler? Well, it is quite not possible hence we have to make arrangements to keep the toddler involved and busy so that they don’t get bored and demand for going out of the house. Hence I thought I would share some creative activities for toddlers you can do with your baby inside the house during the lockdown.

Disclaimer: These are not new activities, maybe you are already doing it. List down a few for those who are looking for some options

Creative Activities for toddlers to keep them busy easy at home

Car Race

Use the Masking tape on the floor to create a track and show your toddler how to play in the track. Introduce them to car races and tracks. I have seen my little getting quite busy with this one.

Sticky Tape Web

Make a spider Web out of the Sticky tape on one half of the doorway. Make balls with newspapers and aim towards the web. The kids love this one. They can throw balls and aim and have so much fun.

Balloon Hockey

I blow a few balloons and then grab a broom or a stick or even a spatula and play around in the room. Baby T loves hitting around the balloons all around the room. This way we are working on our aiming and doing some physical workout as well.

Another level up for Miss G is to use a Goalpost and then we count scores on that.

Ball in the bucket

Take a small bucket and throw balls into buckets from a distance.

Farther you go harder it becomes.

Use multiple buckets and tell them to aim into specific ones.

Card Piggy Bank

Cut a slot in the lid of a container and get the kid to drop some card via the cut.

For more level of difficulty: cut small holes and ask them to put a toothpick through those.

Add some number or color and ask them to sort as per the color or number. In different boxes.


No fuss, basic activity. Get some color and make the floor their canvas. Let them draw as much as they want on the floor. End of the activity, give them a mop and ask them to clean.

Hope this helps you keep the kids busy for sometime .

Comment below more activity ideas if you have any

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