D- Daily Routine to Enhance Productivity


It is hard to make a Daily Routine and it is even more difficult to stick to it.  Do you agree? In this post, I am going to talk to you about some secrets of daily routine which can change your life. You can also make them fit in our life and stick to them to make it effective and beneficial for you.

 How to Make a Daily Routine

Setting a Schedule For Myself — I need to be convinced.

When you have a good Daily Routine converted into a habit, it makes you feel great. You are able to complete things much more efficiently and hence great enhancement in our productivity.  Once you know how good it feels to be in control of what you are doing in the day, you will never want to go back to the haphazard life.

What If I Don’t Like Routine?

Have you ever thought why is it so hard to create a routine and stick to it?  Yes, we all have habits and somehow these habits form a routine for us. But is this really the routine you want?

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The Benefits Of Having A Daily Routine

  • Basic simple thing is, if we have a routine we have limited choices to go here and there and hence it will prevent us from getting overwhelmed with tasks/work/activities.
  • It is like giving ourselves a framework to then build our day on it.
  • Routine helps in better time utilization.
  • You would also see, once you have a routine in place, you will perform better in shorter amount of time
  • Daily routine and habits boost your mood and instill confidence in you for your current day and your skills. 

You Don’t Need Motivation: You Need Discipline

 If we keep waiting for a day when we will be motivated to build a routine, we will never build it.  Instead switch your thoughts to Nike’s slogan “JUST DO IT” and move forward, you will see success soon.  

You need self-discipline and the excitement of accomplishing that will help you build a routine.

How To Plan Out Your day With A Schedule Wish-List

I read it somewhere and have always felt it, if you write down what you thin, you have moved forward one step. Hence always, write down a list of tasks you need to tackle on a regular basis categories them into — daily, weekly, or monthly.

List down all the important things you like doing and consistently. We will work on the prioritizing part and set up a structure if its getting too many things at one place.

Now pick up two areas where you would like to see change and consistency . You can use the following tips I am sharing to build you personal daily

Developing strong Habits

If you start your day well, half of your task is sorted. A healthy morning routine is the first step towards a better productive day.  

Since I have to report to work at a particular time, my mornings are busy and lot of things go in auto-pilot mode. But even then having those 10 mins for myself before I start my day for everyone else makes or breaks the entire day for me.

I have always been a morning person, and this has also helped me in many ways to stick to a morning routine and get my day kick started.

How to harness Morning Magic

  • Set your alarm and keep the clock away from you such that you have to stand and walk to even snooze it.
  • Fold your blanket/quilt right away.
  • Brush your teeth and wash your face.
  • Take bath and dress as per your day plan.
  • If you like you can try some morning music to energize yourself.

Set A Schedule

Setting a schedule would help you concentrate and work without distractions.  Social media and other unimportant tasks will take a back seat if you will have a schedule to follow

How to make a Routine

Being into a full-time job makes it easier for me as I already have set timelines for work hours. Even then it is important I manage my time between my work, home, and kids’ tasks. Dividing your task between daily, weekly and monthly scheduling keeps you and your mind on track. It saves from unnecessary decision making.

Using planners, journals, notebooks for writing down things has helped me a lot. Ditch your phone and look at your planner first thing in the morning.

This has helped me create a habit of giving importance to relevant task and setting the priority right.

Breakdown your plans and goals in small chunks. Try to implement these small chunks.

Do not give up too soon if you are unable to form a habit. Keep trying.


One may wonder how exercise is linked to daily routine. Exercise is a part of self- discipline.

Even better is to stick this exercise in your routine.

The small goals of waking up a little earlier than your usual time, breaking tasks in smaller tasks,  writing everything you want to do will help you strike the chord and discipline habits in your mind.  

How to Stick to Daily Routine 

Setting up and sticking to a routine takes time and patience.  Be patient with your self.

 Some Tips And Tricks

  • Choose to start your day which excites you. Add that to your routine.
  • Break the bigger challenges into smaller tasks and do it in one go, without giving it a second thought
  • If deadlines work for you, Set deadlines each day.
  • For me, it takes around 45-50 days to establish a habit.  It may differ for you. Most people say it takes around 90 days. So give yourself time.
  • A cute planner with a lot of positive thoughts for the day quote helps setting habits. Striking off each of those daily task gives you a sense of accomplishment. So invest in a planner of your liking.
  • Do not try to reach perfection.  If a routine works for you, keep doing those tasks.

Just remember

Enjoy what you do!!

This post is written as part of the BlogchatterA2Z challenge.




  1. Useful suggestions….yes I agree that daily routine converts into a habit. A disciplined person can get success in life ….not only food exercises also boost up immunity system…. great 👍👌💕💕

  2. Enjoyed reading your post Kapila. I too believ in routines and I get very upset if my routine gets disrupted! I can’t survive without a to do list. I have to make one list before going to bed. Keeping alarm clock away from the bed is a good idea!


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