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“What’s in my bag ” is not a strange post for anyone. There are so many hundreds of posts out there on Essentials in My bag. However, my reasons for making a post around this topic are

  1. I love this kind of post.
  2. With posts like these we all get a sneak into someone else’s bag, which otherwise is considered “Bad manners”

So here we are. I probably carry a lot of stuff in my bag which might not be considered Essential for someone else. Even then, I think I do a pretty good job of keeping my bag organized and tidy.

Apart from these essentials, I have a lot of receipts, random hairclips and tiers and yes even my headphones are always tangled when I take them out of the bag(comment below if that is true for you also).

Anyway, hoping that this post will be of some benefit for you and help you organize your bag well.

Essentials in My Bag

First, How do I decide on my bag

My work bag has grown from a side sling to a small tote bag to a bigger tote bag and then more members added with it like the laptop bag, the lunch bag( When I got pregnant). However, I always prefer taking just one bag to work. Hence I have now started using a very spacious and sturdy bag pack I got from the Weekend Chatuchak market in Bangkok. Apart from that, the Caprese tote bag I used before this bag has been a really good purchase for me. If you like Caprese bags too check them out here.

Contents- Essentials in My Bag


This is a must in my bag always. I change my bag all together if I cannot fit my wallet in it. I have used many wallets in the past too out of which saddleImage was a great buy. I also love the Baggit wallet I got. All my wallets have been very long lasting the stitch never wore off. I always changed out of my desire to change .

My wallet has all my cards, vouchers and a few receipts. I also carry a few currency notes but those are bare minimum as I love doing online payments. I have used Paytm before demonetization came into the picture. I carry fewer coins in the coin pocket as those make the wallet heavy

Phone Charger

Although all of us never leave our home without our phone charger, I have not come across many posts which mention this absolutely essential. Ever been in a situation where you were running out of the battery of your phone? Yes, this is a very typical situation.  Especially on days when you are working longer at work.

Pro Tip: Sharing is good but make sure you take your charger back if you don’t want it to go missing

Planner Notebook

Over the past few months, I have realized the importance of writing down things I want to do. Using a planner to start the day, writing down my daily tasks has helped me really in keeping things under control. I use a regular notebook as my planner for now. During my breaks, I look at the task listed for the day and review on the day on the go.

Work Diary

Yes, I have a work diary separate from the planner notebook and that is how I like to keep things in my personal and professional life. You may ask, why diary and not on the laptop. That is because, it is my opinion that if I write something, I remember it better and the task/info will never go out of my mind. So, I write most of my to-do tasks for work in my work diary.

Some Safety pins and Clips

Trust me you would need them exactly when you don’t have it. Safetypins and clips are my absolute essential in my bag be it work bag or my evening party clutch or my shopping bag.

Water bottle

I always carry my water bottle of water with me. I keep filling this bottle from the workplace water cooler. This way I do many good things

  1. Cut down on single use bottles
  2. Keep a track of my hydration.
  3. Since I get up from my seat for filling water I go off-the-screen for a few minutes which is works as a great stress buster for me.

Stationary Pouch

This is any of those small pouches we used to carry during school time. This pouch contains pens, pencil, rubber and sharpener usually. These are my bare minimum, if you have now understood my craze for writing everything down.

 Makeup Pouch

This pouch usually contains my absolute necessary makeup/skincare essentials. Which include

  1. Lip balm: I have desert dry skin and even more dry lips. Hence a lip balm is very important for me. I have used many brands in the past and loved most of them. However, mamaearth’s lip balm has been really working well for me.
  2. Lipstick:  I have a couple of nude shade of lipsticks in my makeup pouch for any touch-ups if at all needed.
  3. Small Mirror: to keep checking myself out 😉
  4. Body Spray: For obvious reasons
  5. Hand cream: A hand cream is a must for me as my hand tends to dry a lot too. I have loved the Faceshop hand cream, the Plum handcream

Hand Sanitizer

I wash my hands with soap in the washroom usually but can never be sure on what germs are accumulated on those bathroom handles hence a hand sanitizer is a must in my bag.


For the summers a pair of sunglasses is a must for anyone. I usually pick up a few stylish ones from the local shops at Kamla Nagar, Delhi market.


My house keys, my drawer keys, my locker keys. Well yes, you would always have keys in your bag. Always!!


When out the earphones are always plugged in. I use them in my phone and on my laptop for attending meetings from my desk.

These are the things that are absolute necessity for me in my work bag.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I loved creating it.  Let me know in the comments – what are some of your daily essentials in your bag? Do you have anything in common from my list?

This post is written as part of the BlogchatterA2Z challenge.





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