Essential Beauty Products in My Bag for Winter Vacation


I love makeup but due to limited time during the day, there are days together I use very less to no makeup at all for myself. However, there are few things I cannot leave my home without even on a usual day. These products definately will be available with me while I am travelling. Let me tell you about the Essential Beauty Products in my Bag in winter vacation

These products are not just makeup products but products for self-care to sort my day out. 

Essential Beauty Products in my Bag in winter vacation

Face Wash

This is no doubt the most essential product for me. I usually wash my face 2-3 times a day. I like to keep a mil face wash in my travel bag handy. 

Current face Wash in my bag


Not many of us know the importance of toner for our skin. To keep impurities at bay, we need to make sure that our pores are properly cleansed and are not open . Toner is my friend for taking care of pores

This one from Ang-tatva I want to really try 


Winter is a season my skin gets really dry and dull. To combat the dryness, I keep a handy moisturizer in my bag always. I prefer .

One should invest in a good moisturizer for winters which keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized for long. Do not forget your lips. A lip-balm is a must for those soft lips.


I usually keep a moisturizer which has some SPF so that it solves dual purpose to keep my skin soft and to protect me from the UV rays.

Specifically during the winters vacation sunscreen is an absolute necessity as we tend to stay out in the sun to soak-in some warmth during. 


Don’t you all love that Kohl line on the eyes to make your eyes look bigger? Also, Kajal is very essential for me to cover up the mom problems of super sleepy eyes. If I don’t wear a kajal I look unwell and I definitely don’t want everyone in the world to think that.


When you have no makeup on, a lipstick can brighten up your face. The kind of lipstick junkie I am, I keep at least 3-4 shades of lipstick in my bag for my regular use.

When I am going for vacation, I loose this count, I like keeping lot of lipsticks however all of them are long staying so that I don’t have to look for places to touch up my lipstick before a nice picture 🙂

Check out Top 5 lipsticks for beginners


You feel good if you smell good. Isn’t it? So keep myself fresh all day long I usually keep a Deo in my bag. When I am going for a get-together, a party or something of the sort, I keep a small bottle of perfume along.

Baby wipes

These are essentials in my bag because of the multiple uses. I use it for clean up hands and face of my girls when we are out. The baby wipes work great for makeup removing as well.

What are the products which are absolutely essential in you bag? comment below and let me know

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