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We all know mothers have a lot on their plate already. Looking after the kids, keeping the household together and juggling other important things like financial matters of the house, a full-time job, and the list can go on. There is hardly any time and hence whenever we get that time, we usually spend it sleeping or binge-watching a TV show or some movie. Read below for Fitness Tips for Working woman.

A working woman is tired but they have a lot of reasons to stay on top of their health. How can a busy mom live a healthy, active lifestyle and also take care of families and their career as well.?  Finding time to squeeze in a quick workout can be difficult but not impossible. It just needs a little practice and then getting used to it. Sharing with you some tips and tricks that will help working moms live a well-balanced life keeping health and fitness on priority.

Fitness Tips for Working woman

Motivate Yourself

If you have the right motivation, it will be much easier to achieve your goal.  Pick up your motivation

  • Getting fitter?
  • Lossing the pregnancy weight?
  • Boosting health?
  • Or everything maybe?

Keep a vision in mind and move forward towards your goal. Remind yourself of your motivation on your lazy day. It will help you reach your goal faster. The feeling of accomplishing your health goals is a great high!

Find Time to Exercise

For Woman with full time job finding time to exercise is probably the most daunting task. But with stratergic planning you can get you closer to your fitness goal.

Plan your weekly workout. Total 30 min of extra activity will help you stay fit and health.

  • Wake up a half hour earlier each morning. Do some stretches , some jumps at home while you are make your morning tea.
  • Park your car a little away so that you walk toward your office.
  • Use the stairs instead of lift wherever possible.
  • Pick the kids from daycare 30 mins after you come back home. Do some jogging in that time.
  • Play some running and jumping games with the kids.
  • Do a dance party with the kids every now and then.

Try to avoid

  • Passive leaisure habits.
  • Avoid Social Media
  • Netflix can be watched later.

Getting a Fitness Company

Getting motivated and staying motivated are two different things. What has worked for me is having a fitness buddy or a company who constantly motivates me to work towards my goal.

This can be a fitness coach, a friend who is also on a fitness journey, or in this era of Apps a health app to track your workout or activity and motivate you to keep going.

Happiness is Homemade

It is a fact that eating out is expensive. It is fast food usually and very unhealthy from many aspects.

It is always better to eat a nutritious healthy meals prepared at home. Face it: eating out is expensive.

For working women setting out time to prepare meals can be challenging but you can find your ways to make things easier for you.

  • Plan your meals weekly.
  • Prep meals early. DO the cutting and chopping earlier.

Healthy mind and soul

Yes, family time is important. But do not forget, you cannot pour from an empty cup hence take care of your health too.

Mental health is as important as your physical health. Involve yourself in mindful meditation sometimes. Write your journal. Keeping your mind and body healthy is very important for your healthy life.

Hope these this post helps you stay fit from inside out.

What is your fitness mantra let me know in comment section below

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