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5 years ago while reading through the community posts on a parenting website, I came across a discussion which mentioned: “If you would like to join a WhatsApp group leave your number here.” Little did I anticipate that leaving my number on that post would introduce me to this lovely friendship from pregnancy. Friendship with my gang of girls whom I will call my soul sisters for the rest of my life.

My Mom Squad – friendship from pregnancy

I was in Bangalore when I got pregnant for the first time, I did not have elder’s advice and guidance. I used to read a lot about pregnancy stages and other related things on this website called BabyCenter.

The website has groups formed based on your due date and hence I enrolled in the Nov 2013 group( miss G is a Nov 2013 born). I saw a lot of fellow pregnant ladies sharing their routine, issues, symptoms and other stuff.

I still remember after Rathi welcomed me to the group in somewhere around July 2013. When she asked me to introduce myself, I like my usual skeptic self, though everyone is trying to rag me like a college fresher. Now I feel so stupid to think of it. However, the warmth in the message from Richa & Neha was so real that I instantly connected with the gang of 17 girls.

Friends for life

We spoke day and night about pregnancy cravings, our doubts, our joys, our sorrow. The pregnancy insomnia was kinda bliss for all of us because we used to chit chat during the entire night. We shared our baby shower plans. What we will wear what we would eat when. How many times our baby kicked today.. ???

We were virtually there with each other in every thick and thin. Rants about in-laws, confusion about doctors, confusion of c-section or normal we spoke all. Never realized 3 months passed and on 11 Oct 2013 Sanvi was born to Shruti… Our first baby in the group.

Jan gave birth to Jai on 12th Oct 2013.

I remember we talking whether there will be more baby boys or baby girls in the group.

31 Oct Aarav came to this world. I still remember his Santa dressed pic Richa shared with us.

November started and we had Hrehaan, Ahaan, and Sharing. Then each day we waited for someone to give the news. Then came Anvitha, Yuvni, Aradhya, Adi and Addu and Jia. 11th November 2013 Gaurika’s birth’s news was given to the group by my sister and she was super surprised to see the reactions and love all my girls sent in for Gaurika.

Next to arrive in this world was Akaash, Eshu, Rhiyaan, Akaash, Aria and Tanu.

I am getting goosebumps remembering that time.

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Seeing the first pictures of all these babies. Sleepless nights after baby was easier because of my girls’ friendship from pregnancy. I learned a lot from them. I spoke a lot to them. I have some great friends with them.

When I went o Mumbai I met Bugs and Vandy. It felt like we have met so many times. We never felt like it was our first meeting.

whenever any of us use to meet in person, all of us used to get so excited and used to wait for the pictures for the meetup.

It has been 5 years since we are together. All of us haven’t met but have literally sailed through our pregnancies and parenting together.

Happy Friendship day my girls.

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  1. Friendships strengthen further during pregnancy, specially if you guys are in the same phase of life. The everyday banter, questionnaire, anxiety & all of it makes us indispensable for each other.

    Lovely post, KAPILA!

  2. Honestly speaking I never thought like this way. There are some awesome friends we make in the phase of pregnancy. Lovely read.

  3. Wow.. beautiful. Such friends always remain close to our hearts. Especially when you all share the same reason then it becomes even more special.

  4. Aww, you shared a unique kind of friendship and I am sure the memories of those days from pregnancy have been itched on your heart.


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