What to Drink in Summer during Pregnancy


Summer and extreme heat are the most difficult seasons to survive. With the sun literally draining out all the hydration and energy from your body. It becomes really difficult for everyone especially pregnant women during the summer season. A pregnant woman tends to feel a lot more hot and you sweat a lot. Also, to stay active and healthy we should be maintaining good liquid intake. Worried about What to Drink in Summer during Pregnancy? I thought of sharing with you a few amazing Drinks which have helped me survive the extreme Summer and beat the heat in my Pregnancy.

6 Healthy Drinks to Stay Hydrated in Summer in Pregnancy

A pregnant woman’s fluid requirement is greater than a regular adult body. This happens because your blood volume is more and hence your body’s water compartment also grows. The fetus needs a rich supply of fluids for growth and development and to live in the prenatal environment.

Hence it is very important to drink plenty of fluids for a pregnant woman, especially in hot and humid weather. Hydration need are different for different people based on many factors including environment and individual’s health condition. However, I feel around 2 liters of water in extreme summers is an ideal amount.

When a pregnant woman ensures sufficient fluid intake it helps in better health for herself and her unborn child. Fluid helps in maintaining regular bowel movement when you take a high fiber diet. Irregular bowel movement may cause inconvenience for a pregnant woman.

Pregnant women often need more fluid to keep well hydrated, especially in hot weather. And don’t be tempted to cut back on your fluid intake just because you need to urinate more often.

What is the best drink?

We all know that 70% of our body’s weight is water. Water is needed by our body to function properly. Water is also being removed from our body through sweat, excretions, and even breathing. Hence, it is important to replenish the fluid content in the body on a regular basis.

Water is the best thirst quencher and absorbed well by the body. Drinking water is really important for your cells, organs, and body functions for growth and functioning. Water is well absorbed by the body and it is a real thirst quencher.

An important aim is to try and drink 1-2 liters a day. Pregnant women often need more water to stay well hydrated. Just because you need to urinate more you should not hold yourself back from drinking water.

Can I Drink anything else other than Water

Definitely yes. There are multiple drinks that can help in replenishing your fluid levels. Today I am sharing with you 6 Drink which you would love during Summer and these are absolutely fine to consume during Pregnancy.


Water is life and quite literally. Water is essential for healthy blood cells creation and to keep us hydrated. It minimizes body’s tendency of water retention and thus can be helpful in curbing the swollen feet issue we face in pregnancy.

Drinks to beat the heat in Pregnancy

Water is also very important component for breastmilk.

Lime water (nimbu pani)

Drinks to beat the heat in Pregnancy

Lime water or lemon juice is extremely refreshing. It is a high source of vitamin C which helps in the absorption of iron in your body. Iron is a vital nutrient needed in pregnancy.

Coconut water

Coconut water helps prevent dehydration. It has richness of lot of rich nutrients like electrolyte, chloride, potassium,magnisium . It quenches the thirst of dehydrated body to the maximum.

Drinks to beat the heat in Pregnancy

If you do not have access to fress coconut water, you can order them online.

Fresh Fruit Juice

It is always wise to have fresh fruits as they supply you with the extra fiber content which helps in easy digestion in pregnancy and in general . However, there are times when you want to quench the thirst of your throat with something liquid and fresh fruit juices are a very good choice.

Drinks to beat the heat in Pregnancy

Fresh watermelon, fresh orange, fresh mausami, mix fruit juice have been my favorites.

Flavored Milk

Milk we all know as the best source of calcium. In pregnancy, you are required to have extra calcium for bones development for your baby inside the womb and also for supporting your own bones.

Drinks to beat the heat in Pregnancy

You can try various flavored milk in this weather. Milk shakes like kiwi, apply, mango, banana. Or Add some flavors like Roohafza, cholcolate, Pista, Almond… AAAAHHHH SO YUMMM!!

Aam Panna( Traditional mango drink)

Aam Panna is a traditional mango drink made from the pulp of raw mangoes mixed with few indian spices. Not only its a great source of nutrients its Tangy taste helps you get away from the morning sickness issue.

Drinks to beat the heat in Pregnancy

I have created an experimental mocktail with Aam Panna and loved it to bits this summers. It is an amazing Summer Drink in Pregnancy.

You Need

Aam Panna

I have used the Patanjali Aam Panna syrup. You can try the recipe of Homemade Aam Panna

Drinks to beat the heat in Pregnancy


Chilled water

Add 2 tablespoons of Aam Panna and 2 tablespoons of Roohafza in a glass of chilled water and mix well. You can add ice if you want to cool it even more. It tastes just awesome. Do try it and let me know in the comment section below your reviews.

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Tell us in the comment section below some drinks you preferred in your pregnancy or you prefer in general.

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  1. Wonderful tips to stay hydrated. Roohafza I guess would have been a childhood companion too for many of us. Have been drinking it since ages. ?


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