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Taking care of health is on my priority list this year. I wish to return to my healthy weight within 6 months and to make sure of that I am keeping a track of eating a well balanced healthy diet.

Maintaining a healthy diet is a task. Eating right all the time in our busy schedules somewhere affects the nutritional balance of food we need.

The second biggest challenge is to find some food item which is tasty as well as healthy. Provee peanut butter spread is India’s First High Protein Nut Spread, a powerhouse packed with the finest quality Whey Protein Concentrate sourced directly from New Zealand.

What is Provee

At Provee, the goal is simple, to transform the way the world consumes packaged food. After several months of R&D and over 200+ formulations, Provee has created what is best for you. A range of products with the perfect blend of health and actual taste, Provee brings you the finest. Creating a balance between what people want and what they need, Provee gives your taste buds the adventure they seek and your body the care it requires through nutritious yet scrumptious formulations.


The provee Protein peanut butter spread comes in 3 flavors

Provee Protein Peanut Spread Original:

The real MVP of the peanut spreads, the Original Protein Spread is a powerhouse packed with the finest quality Whey Protein Concentrate sourced directly from New Zealand. Being India’s first high protein peanut spread made from roasted peanuts, we like to be pompous and tell you that we are the best in the market.

Serving Size: 32G

Protein per Serve: 11G [35% Protein]

Provee Protein Peanut Spread Double Chocolate:

What happens when you combine two of your favorites into one spread? The benefit of nuts and taste of sinful chocolate, our Double Chocolate Protein Spread is a nutritious delight for your taste buds. With the goodness of protein, vitamins and delicious homemade chocolate in every spoon, you’ll keep craving more.

Serving Size: 32G

Protein per Serve: 10G [32% Protein]

Provee Protein Peanut Spread Choco-Hazelnut:

A peanut spread that tastes like bliss? Hard to believe, right! Well, Provee has done it; bringing you India’s first ever high protein Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. Loaded with protein and flavors, Provee Choco-Hazelnut spread is guaranteed to become your go-to for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

Serving Size: 32G

Protein per Serve: 10G [32% Protein]

My Thoughts

It has been a great addition to my diet to maintain balance.

The spread comes in a box packaging and has smaller pouches inside the box . Each pouch has 32gms of the peanut butter spread.

I have used two flavors choco-hazelnut and double-chocolate. I liked the choco-hazelnut flavor more than the double chocolate one.

Both the flavors have a slight bitter taste due to the whey protein in it. However, if you are someone who like dark chocolate you would feel you are eating dark chocolate flavored peanut-butter.

How to buy

You can buy Provee peanut butter from their website.

Use the below coupon code to get 10% discount on your purchase from the site.

Code : KAP10

Hope you guys enjoy the yummy peanut butter spread by Provee. Leave a comment below and let me know which one is your favorite.

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