Healthy Snack for Babies – Hungrybums Oat Crackers


We do not want to compromise on our child’s food habits in our busy life. In between work, household chores, taking care of the kids we need to manage our child’s health and food priority. We do not want to compromised on packaged food adultered with preservatives and high content of sugar/salt.

I came across HungryBums while I was looking for food while I travel with my children. Hungrybums is a great baby food range which makes homemade no presevatives baby food.

Healthy Snack for Babies – Hungrybums Oat Crackers

Healthy Snack for Babies - Hungrybums Oat Crackers


All HungryBums products are carefully packed in glass jars. The jars are wrapped very safely in a bubble wrap to reach you.

No Preservative

All the products created by HungryBums are presevrative free and hence they have a smaller shelf life. This means you are giving your child absolutely natural products.

Natural Taste

It is advisable to avoid giving sugar and salt to babies. Hence HungruBums basic cereal is made without any added sugar or salt.

Healthy Snack for Babies - Hungrybums Oat Crackers

Good for health

Since all the products by HungryBums are made with natural products we are sure that we are giving healhty food to baby

HungryBums Oats Crackers

HungryBums Oats Crackers is a great choice of snack for the kids. These are made of organic products including oats. I absolutely loved the crisp crackers myself. My younger one who is 1.5 years has loved the flavor and asks for it herself.

Healthy Snack for Babies - Hungrybums Oat Crackers

Every evening we sit together and have at least one snack together. That snack can be⠀

  • A fruit 🍊⠀
  • Some dry fruits ⠀
  • Something I prepare myself⠀

But there are days when I do not have the energy(Check out some tips for Exhausted parents ) to cook anything for snacks and that is the time Hungrybums Oat Crackers come to our rescue.

Just a few days ago I got these crackers and all of us love the crispy treats.⠀

  • The crackers are made with organic oats. ⠀
  • It has no preservatives ⠀
  • The crackers are careful packed in glass jars to retain the flavors and taste.

We have found a great snack option in HungryBums Oat Crackers. Do give it a try. Check out their Instagram page:

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