How I kept my daughter busy in the summer vacation


The summer vacations are going on and I am sure you have some really good(read tough) time with your kids at home. It is really important to direct their energies in the right directions. Along with that, we don’t want to get into the struggle of setting up their routine all over again once the vacation is over. Hence I thought I would tell you what I did to keep my daughter busy in the summer vacations and had a lot of fun with her.

How I kept my daughter busy in the summer vacation

Coloring time

I got some water colors, brushes and drawing sheets for her to have fun with colors. Daily for almost 30-35 mins we spend time together coloring printed sheets or doing some modern art on blank sheets.

Onion Paiting
Coloring using Water colors

Some Craft Time

Painting the ice-cream sticks

I got some ice-cream sticks for her and gave her glue. We together created this beautiful photo frame. We plan to use it as a gift for Father’s day.

Photo Frame created by her.

Time with Grandparents

While my in-laws stay in a different city, I could request my parents to come and stay with us during with vacations. This helped me in more ways than one.

–  My daughter got to spend some good time with them.

–  During early  morning walks she could enjoy some nature walk. Watch the birds chirping.

–  She went to the near by dairy to get fresh milk from the cow with them. She was really amused to see this. On seeing her reaction on this,  I have decided to take her to country side and let her enjoy the small pleasures of life.

Fresh milk from the dairy

Helping in the household Chores

Helping nanu with cleaning the house

Well I may sound like a cruel mom here 😛 but trust me I found a real nice help in my daughter during her vacation time. Whenever she got bored of doing her routine mischief I distracted her by giving her easy household chores like dusting the drawing room furniture, setting the dining table, sorting the potatoes and onions from the vegetable basket.

Holiday Homework

For her age, she dint have much homework. But to maintain what she had learnt in 1 month in school I make sure she sits at least 1 hour in the evening with me or her father and works on those basic standing lines, sleeping lines, slanting lines and curves.

Going out of Town

The best way to learn new things is by observing them live. Travelling not only enlightens us adults but gives a great scope of learning to the young kids as well.

We have kept the holiday for the last. Since we feel she would remember it better and would be able to share her experiences with her school friends.

Maintaining the routine

While we have all the fun, we are making sure that we stick to a routine even while having fun. We make sure we brush our teeth on time, take bath on time and have our meals on time.

These are few things. Apart from this we go crazy dancing, evening walks and cycle rides, story time together.. singing rhymes. We are also learning names of various family members. For now she knows my name, her father’s name and her name.

These are some small ways I try to have fun with my little one in summer vacation.  What do you do to keep your child busy?? Comment below.

Hope you have a happy holidays!!






  1. Am glad to see you both the parents and grand parents together spending quality time with Guplu with so much of fun in her summer vacations,she is enjoying a lot…..she be blessed always


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