How to Develop Habit of Brushing Teeth in kids

How to Develop a Habit of Brushing Teeth in Kids

How to Develop a Habit of Brushing Teeth in kids ?One of the necessary life skills I feel a child needs to learn is brushing his or her teeth. It is advised that we should start brushing teeth for the child as soon as the appearance of the first tooth. For the first 2 years without toothpaste and then slowly adding pea-sized toothpaste to the schedule.

Getting your child into the habit of brushing twice a day for two minutes is not an easy task but a little creativity can make it super fun and will help when in his or her long-term dental health.

How to Develop a Habit of Brushing Teeth in Kids

How to Develop a Habit of Brushing Teeth in Kids

⭐ Make brushing time fun time

Anything fun is what kids are attaracted to. Even we dont like doing daily mundane tasks.

Try adding some music at the time of brushing. It can be as simple as a rhyme for brushing teeth.

⭐ Make a routine

Children love routine. When you add routine in their life they learn many things like time management, organizing. Make a routine and make brushing part of that routine.

Stick to that routine and keep reminding your child to brush his or her teeth as decided.

⭐ Rewards

Who doesn’t like a little bit of appreciation? a little bit of reward or a pat on the back.

Make sure that you reward your child with a pat on the back for brushing their teeth or may be a bedtime story after brushing in the night.

Narate Stories

Kids of all ages love stories. When you are working towards creating a habit for the child read out stories related to good habits, about brushing teeth, advantages of clean teeth.

This will encourgae them to keep brushing and stay in the habit for longer.

⭐ Go Dental Care kit Shopping

As bizzare as it may sound but making an effort in going with the kids to buy toothbrush and toothpaste for them is a really encouraging factor for the kids.

Let the child decide on which toothbrush he/she wants, which toothpaste would he/she like to use. This gives them a sense of independence and pride. They would love to use their choice of things daily 🙂

Do let me know if you have any special tricks in the comment section below.

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