How To Make Ear Piercing Easy For Your Child


We all know the pain of piercing as adults. While parents would never want the child to feel any kind of pain ear piercing is something we would love to get done for our daughters. While we want them to look their pretty with that glamour and sparkle, we don’t want to traumatize them. Read on some tips on How To Make Ear Piercing Easy For Your Child.

How To Make Ear Piercing Easy For Your Child

How To Make Ear Piercing Easy For Your Child

Decision on the age

While some people decide to do the piercing for young infants, few wait till the child is a bit older. We waited till our girl herself came to us saying that she wants to wear earrings. I sat with her that day and made her understand the entire piercing process.

To my surprise, she already knew because a few friends from her class have already got it done.

Decision on the methodology

Decide on which method of piercing you would prefer between the traditional way of piercing and the gunshot method


This is done with a thin wire(silver/gold) been punctured in the earlobe and then securely twisted.


This is a fairly new method where a small gun sort is used to puncture the earring top and back to the earlobe.

Reputed Piercer

Once you decide on the method of piercing you would want to look for a good piercer using the technique.

You can consider the following pointers on deciding that

  • The reputation of the piercer
  • Hygiene of the shop
  • Tools used
Make Ear Piercing Easy For Your Child
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Treats of any kind food, drinks, candies(it’s OK for once ) always do magic in these tricky situations. Pack some of your child’s favorite goodies and give it to her to distract her when the piercing is going to take place.

Talk to your child about everything at that very moment and it need not be about piercing.

If you think your child may get scared seeing other children getting the piercing done, decide on the time when there would be fewer people.

Support and Encourage

When feeling tensed, children tend to look for their parents for ease and comfort. If your child prefers you or your partner, or both, let her know you or both of you are always there for her. Encourage her to think happy thoughts

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Be honest

Tell your child ear piercings are painful, but it’s not the end of the world! Describe the procedure and try to be creative in describing how it feels, like saying she will feel a pinch. But no matter what, just don’t tell her that it doesn’t hurt at all.

Be patient

You may feel absolutely ready for piercing and you go with your child.
When you actually bring her to the place, she gets all scared and may think about backing out. Be patient.

Encourage her that ear piercing is perhaps just a split-second thing, and while there is a pain, it’s totally manageable and you are there with her.


Once Piercing is done. Follow instructions give about aftercare.

  • Take extra steps in keeping it clean and infection-free.
  • Keep a check whether she develops any fever.
  • Do not let your daughter touch the area too much.
  • Be careful while bathing or using a towel as earrings can get stuck and can cause pain when pulled.
  • Tie up your daughter’s hair so that it does not get tangled in the earring.
  • Try to avoid swimming or any other things that can cause contamination in the area.
  • Remove the first earnings after about six weeks of piercing so that the hole is big enough.
  • Immediately put other earnings so that the hole doesn’t close.

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Reward with her favorite earring

What worked for us was letting my daughter decide what earring she wants to wear. In fact, we have decided that the next change of earring we will wear twinning earrings and flaunt our studs.

Hope these tips will help you and your little one in making piercing easier.




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