How to Make Your Child Sleep Early

How to Make Your Child Sleep Early

Early bedtime is a win-win situation in terms of the health of your child. However, most of the parents find it really difficult to make the child sleep early. Read below on How to Make your child sleep early

Once the child starts going to school, you know your child will have to have a fixed time to wake up. An earlier bedtime can definitely help.

How to Make Your Child Sleep Early

How to Make Your Child Sleep Early

Start with These

  • A drastic change in routine can be discomfort for you and your child. Change the routine by moving the bedtime to 15 minutes earlier each day. If you think that is not working move earlier every 2-3 days.
  • Light exposure affects the hormones which control our internal clock. our internal clock. To help the internal clock move backward to sleep have bright lights early mornings and dim the lights as the day moves. Dim the lights as it gets closer to bedtime.
  • Avoid stimulating activities before bedtime, including running and playing, television watching and videogames. Include quiet sooth activities as a bedtime routine like a relaxing massage, a bath, and a bedtime story.

Find the Right Bedtime

We all know that our baby’s bedtime should be early compared to ours. While it’s normal for you to stay up until 10 p.m. or even more for most of us, it’s not OK for your child.

Watch for signs of drowsiness such as rubbing eyes, fussiness, staring or yawning. Observe your child, see what h/she does before getting fussy to go to sleep. Aim at putting your child to sleep when he/she is drowsy but still awake.

How to Make Your Child Sleep Early

As a guideline, most children under the age of 9 should have a bedtime between 7:30 and 8 p.m. This should be one to two hours after dinner. To ensure your child is getting an adequate amount of rest, follow the Sleep Foundation’s latest recommendations.

Soothing Bedtime Routine

Well-Maintained bedtime routine benefits parents and kids. It’s important to follow a pattern when putting your child down for a nap and to bed each night.

Bedtime routines can include the following:

  • Brushing teeth
  • Putting on jammies
  • Going to washroom
  • Sip a little water
  • Storybook
  • Snuggles and isses
  • Getting tucked in bed
  • A lullaby or a song
  • Lights off
How to Make Your Child Sleep Early

It’s also important to try to keep evenings calm and quiet after dinner by reading or looking at books, turning off electronics and even dimming the lights.

Be Consistent

The most important thing I feel is to strive for consistency with the new, early bedtime routine.

Children with inconsistent bedtimes have worse behavioral problems than those who did not have enough sleep and a late bedtime. These problems may include emotional outburst, hyperactivity. It is so important to make an early bedtime commitment and stay the course for your child’s well-being.

Your consistency in these new habits will also boost your child’s sense of confidence in your care. When we follow through, our child learns to relax in our care and to trust us.

How to Make Your Child Sleep Early

Hope you have a good night sleep 🙂 🙂

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  1. These tips are really helpful in setting up an early bedtime routine. I too believe in early to bed and early to rise. my son would be soon starting school and we are slowily chnaging to a ealry morning routine.

  2. These are some really great suggestions, though my son is too grown up, but I shall definitely share it with my other mommy friends

  3. My niece has been struggling for this issue for some .
    These tips will come handy to tackle with her bedtime


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