How to prepare your child for sibling – New addition to the family


Bringing home a newborn is an overwhelming and joyful experience. If its your first child your primary focus is taking care of the baby and recovering from the entire childbirth procedure. However, when you already have a child , getting a newborn home to an older child is a tough situation to handle. Your mind is constantly thinking on how the older one will react to new baby in home. Today I am presenting to you some ideas on how you can prepare your older child for his/her sibling’s arrival. So that he or she does not take the new baby as threat to his attention and love.

How to prepare your child for sibling

Make your older child feel responsible part of the family to take care of the new baby.

Your attitude and support will help your child build this sense of responsibility that the coming baby is “Our baby”

1. Make your child aware of your pregnancy.

Talk to your child about the arrival of new sibling. Keep telling them almost everyday, may be by showing your growing abdomen.

Once the baby kick pattern is known to you, let your child feel the baby kicking.

Take him/her to ta short prenatal visit and hear baby’s heartbeat.

2. Make your child understand how life will change.

Take help from your child in setting up things for the new arrival. Take them along when you go for shopping for baby items. This will make them feel responsible big brother/sister.

Tell them that she can still keep playing with her toys and watch TV and keep going to school as usual 🙂

Tell them she would soon be able to show her games and toys to her sibling baby. Though he/she might play with the toys but will enjoy a lot see the “big sister/brother” play.

Talk to them saying that the new baby will not be able to play with them right away but she can show them her toys, colors, clothes and everything. She can dance and sing to the baby.

3. Visiting the hospital

As your due date comes near, plan out arrangements for your older child while you are in the hospital.
Get your child visit the baby in the hospital . Emphasize your happiness on seeing her and try not to be preoccupied with the new baby. Make her sit and hold the baby, helping her to support baby’s head.

4. Handling visitors for the new baby

Keep a gift from new baby ready for the “Elder Brother sister”. You can request visitors to give “big brother or sister” presents instead of “new baby” presents. Your new baby won’t know what is happening and it will help your elder one to feel the celebrations. Also, keep some extra gifts for your elder child so that in case a visitor does not get anything for them, you can use the ones you have got.




  1. Very nice ideas for making or creating sibling bond between older child n new born before his/her birth .Thank you


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