How to use sheet Mask – The Face Shop Sheet Mask Review


Nykaa is running this fabulous offer on The Face Shop Sheet Mask. You get 7 sheet masks on purchase of 7.  Sheet masks are not new to the beauty and skin care market. However, with Korean brands like The Face Shop coming to India, these mask have gained popularity in past few months.

How to use sheet Mask – The Face Shop Sheet Mask Review

I saw first Face Shop Sheet Mask usage on Instagram couple of months ago and wanted to try it out.

So during the Nykaa sale in February, I purchased few sheetmask from the faceshop : check my haul video here

What are Sheet Masks

For those who do not know what a sheet mask is, a face shape cut out of white sheet with eyes and nose areas cut and dipped in some goodness serum.  Since the mask is standard size face cut, you will have to adjust it to fit over your eyes, nose and lips.

Like any facemask, you can apply it on your face leave it for 15-20 minutes. Since its a sheet, you just have to take it off your face like you take off a tissue lying on your face. So no pulling, washing involved.

Face Shop Sheet masks

The Face Shop Sheet Mask comes in a sachet kinda packaging with the product details printed on the back of the sachet in both English and Korean language.

The cotton sheet drenched to dripping wet saturation is inside this sachet. It is usually white color cotton sheet and soaked nicely in the serum as per the ingredient of the mask.

It is available online for INR 100/- for 1 Sachet in which you get 1 sheet mask.  Buy it here.

The sheet masks are available on Amazon

How to Apply

1.  Clean

Before applying the mask make sure to wash your face with a gentle face wash.

2. Tone

Apply a toner after washing the face

3. Apply the mask

Cut the sachet and take out the serum saturated folded sheet. Adjust the mask to fit on your face. Leave it on your face for 10-15 mins.

Do not let it dry as it may absorb moisture back from your skin once it dries out.

After you take the mask off, pat the remain serum left on your face gently using your palms.

Hope this quick blog is helpful for you to utilize the current offer and you get to try the sheet masks. Do let us know which masks did you get? How did it work for you?

Happy Masking!! 🙂



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  1. My sister and I can get lost in The Face Shop! They have so many good stuff. We’ve actually tried this sheet mask, it’s awesome.


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