How was my Second pregnancy different from the First one


First is always special. First crush, first love, first kiss, first date, first pregnancy πŸ™‚Β No doubt!!

How was my Second pregnancy different from the First one

We remember each and every date when it comes to our first pregnancy. Now that I am a mother of two I thought of looking back to both my pregnancies and find out what was different both the times.

Morning Sickness

While my first pregnancy was super smooth sail with no morning sickness at all. For the second one I felt little bit nausea-tic during the evenings( for all those who dint know morning sickness need not happen only in the morning πŸ˜‰ )

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Tiredness and Fatigue

I got pregnant first time when I was 29+ year of age. The 30+ crisis had not touched me yet. I was all energetic and happy bubble throughout my first one.

During my second pregnancy, multiple things and situations got me more tired.

First one, now I am in my 30s and you know what they say for the 30s. “Welcome to you 2nd puberty”. The body changes way too much in your 30s.

Secondly, My first daughter who is 3+ years. Your child needs you and your attention constantly. In pregnancy it gets a little difficult. But I am glad I could sail through!! πŸ™‚

Visibly pregnant

While I had heard from most of the second time moms, we start to show up early in our second pregnancy. For me it was kind of similar to the first time. For most of my pregnancy tenure both the times, I did not look like I was pregnant.

Fetal Movements

While during my first pregnancy , I went to my ultrasonologist, at 20 weeks, worried that everyone is asking me about fetal movement but I feel none. For the second one, I felt the butterflies in my stomach at around 16-17 weeks.

It were these “butterflies” that made the reality sink in both the times πŸ™‚

Been there Done That

While during my first pregnancy, everything was first time experience. I had never had a cannula fit until just before my c-sec. I was super excited to meet my baby that I took the anesthesia with all exciting, talking with the anesthetist.

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Second time, I felt the things in real!! πŸ˜› I knew they will be putting the cannula now and I was scared to death. The moment they spoke about the anesthesia, I already had my spine chilled.

However, all these pains and worries vanished the moment I saw my baby.

Its 3 weeks since my second baby’s delivery and we are still adjusting to each other and the new life.

My elder one seem to have adjusted the most beautifully. She has become a dotting elder sister and takes care of the little baby already.

I am already dreaming of the days I would see these two grow up together.




  1. Every pregnancy is a learning experience.. with my little one I am learning each day.

  2. Both my pregnancies we’re similar but the second one was tougher – more tired and more sickness. Both went to the last day of 40 weeks. I also love the sibling bond between my two (3 years apart)

  3. Aww I’m afraid right now. I hear my mom now. But she always says that she is very happy seeing us growing up. Yeah, she has sacrificed her life for us. Thanks for writing this meaningful article

  4. That’s so awesome that your other baby is taking care of the second one. I wish I had been the doting brother in the family for my brother. I remember my ex in the hospital for my daughter’s birth and we ended up needing to do the C-section and take the meds. That was a rough time.


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