Indus Valley Bio Organic Natural Rose Petals Powder


Roses have amazing benefits for your skin as well as hair. Keeping the multi purpose usage of rose petals powder in mind I ordered the Indus Valley Bio Organic Natural Rose Petals Powder.

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About the brand

Indus Valley“is an ayurvedic cosmetic brand with great range of natural Organic hair and skin care products. Their factory is situated in Lower Himalayas in the eco-friendly surrounding to produce high-quality natural cosmetics. The brand is Ecocert, USDA Organic certified.

About the Indus Valley Bio Organic Natural Rose Petals Powder

The Rose Petals Powder by Indus Valley is 100% organic product made out of dried rose petals.  It can be used for face as well as hair.

  • The rose petal powder helps in nourishing the scalp by helping in increasing blood flow to hair follicles and scalp. Thus promotes hair growth effectively
  • Rose petals are considered to be a natural sunscreen due to its Vitamin C properties that act as a powerful shield against harmful UV rays
  • The powder has a soothing fragrance which acts as a cooling agent.
  • It provides amazing moisture to the skin.
  • It has the power to remove accumulated germs and dirt from the face and keep it radiant, young and supple.
  • Detoxifies skin with its anti-oxidant nature and soothes irritation
  • Its astringent nature prevents excessive oil as well as sebum production


Indus Valley Bio Organic Natural Rose Petals Powder comes in a cardboard box. Inside the box you get the powder in a transparent plastic bag. Once opened you will have to find ways to store it. It was not a perfect smooth powder but has very small granular texture.

The subtle fragrance of wild roses lifts up your senses as you open the packet . Even more when you add water to it. If you think the smell is over powering, you are wrong. It is a very soothing smell which makes you feel fresh.

You can buy the product from Amazon , Nykaa or flipkart


There are a lot of ways in which you can use this powder.

  1. You can mix it with your usual DIY masks. I made a mask with Indus Valley multani mitti and rose petal powder and some milk and water.  The mask worked really well for me.
  2. you can use the powder as a face scrub as it is not like a smooth powder. use little amount with water and rub you face with it.  It gives a clean skin after wash.
With Mask and after the mask

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Overall Thoughts

Indus Valley Bio Organic Natural Rose Petals Powder smells just like fresh roses. It is really soft and have a coarse texture. I used it as a part of my DIY face pack. It worked really well for my skin.

You can use it as a scrub as it has a coarse texture.

It can be used as a hair mask as well. I will try and post about it on Instagram. Do you follow us?? —>> Follow us

The only issue I feel is the packaging. Since it is in a plastic pouch once I opened the pouch I have to find a container to transfer it. I wish they had a tub or jar packaging.

Never the less, the product is really nice and I would definitely recommend it

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