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Being a working woman is a challenge. Each day it is pretty hard to find time for self to unwind amidst career, company, family, and things you love. We all have different ways that keep us motivating, keep inspiring us every day.  Few of us improve our morning routines and some may work on professional conflicts. I am today listing down a few Inspiration that keeps me as a Working Woman going. Keeps me motivated and inspired.

Inspiration – Things to keep me going – Working Woman

My Daily Walk breaks

It is important to walk, take a break every hour when you have a desk job. I usually take a break after every hour. I usually take a walk, drink some water. This keeps me motivated and energized.

My Don’t give up Attitude

Believe in yourself. Believe in what you are worth off and what you know. If you are persistent, you will get through the most difficult situations. You will find the right opportunity and with your persistent and resilience you will succeed.


You do not have to apologize for being late to a team meeting because you were in another important client call. Instead say “Thank you for your patience”

Apologize only when you make a mistake which you could have avoided and when you do, make a genuine apology. Only apologize when you make a mistake you could have prevented and make it genuine.

Be Flexible

It takes a lot of time for us to accept change. In fact, we hate changes. However, we all should embrace it because as they say “Change is the only constant”. Do not be rigid with your choices. You will always have the opportunity to learn. Even a negative experience is “experience and can teach us important lessons to improve.

You are the world to your family

Never let your organization make you feel bad or small for thinking about your family and your health. Being workaholic is ok but not at the cost of your health or well being of your loved ones.

If you see your employer is trying to prevent you from taking time you need for your family or trying to shame you for giving your family the care they need, it is better to move to a different organization who cares.

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Find 5 mins to yourself

These 5 mins will help yourself to refocus and this will help you find solution faster and better to your concerns.It will help you refocus and you’ll find new creative solutions to existing concerns.

Silence is good for your brain. When in doubt breaking this constant cycle of thinking and getting in silence can help and clear your head. Get into deep thought, some fantasy or some dreaming. These have helped in getting the creative juices flowing. You would be astonished to find a solution.

Give importance to your mental health

Never ignore your mental health. If you are feeling too stressed, burnt out or overworked, pay attention to your own mental and physical health.

Loving yourself is one motivating factor that will keep you going places, help you cross hurdles and difficult situations.

What keeps you going? Everyday in difficult situations? Comment below

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