Janmashtami celebration in Old Delhi #MyFriendAlexa


Hope you had wonderful Janmashtami celebrations. There are various ways of celebrating Janmashtami across the world. What has been very involving and fascinating for me from my childhood has been the way it is celebrated in old Delhi in the area we live

Janmashtami celebration in Old Delhi

Janmashtami is celebrated in different parts of the country in different ways.  I love seeing the celebrations in Mathura and Vrindavan. I have seen them on television all my life.  I wanted to tell you about Janmashtami Celebration in Old Delhi.  I am going to tell you about the way I have seen Janmashtami celebration since my childhood.  To know how it is unique keep on reading.

Mandir Hopping is integral part of Janmashtami for us

I have stayed in Old Delhi for most of my life. The area where my I spent my early childhood(until the age of 12 years) was the old colony style residential area where neighbors were more than family.

From the days I remember, Janmashtami was a festival for kids to get together, dress up and show their creativity and innovation.  Janmashtmi meant depicting Lord Krishna’s life story in your own ways.

It was unique because it was mostly organised by kids .


The preparation for the day starts days in advance. Kids would go from one home to another to collect “Chanda”.

Themes were decided on to what and how to portray Lord Krishna’s birth story.

Amarnath Shivling created by kids

Kids are given roles and responsibilities which include

  • Maintaining the finances
  • Deciding the theme
  • The decoration of the “Pandal”
  • Portraying various characters based on the theme.
    • Someone will be Kahnaji
    • Someone will be Radha Ji
    • Someone Yashoda, Devaki Vasudev.
  • The smaller kids could dress up however they wanted to and were made to stand along with the main characters. A boost in the confidence.  Skills development happening at no extra cost.

There is also a procession of various tabloids from one main temple in the area to another.  Each tabloid based on some god’s theme. The procession is such a great learning opportunity for the kids to know about the Hindu mythology and different Gods and goddesses.

The story of Lord Krishna having Maakhan mishri

If you are not interested in that the entire procession is a great learning experience of community service.

We missed the procession this time though!! 🙁

Miss G mesmerized with the floral decoration

This Janmashtami celebration has been part of our lives for many years and from past 3 years, I have been getting Miss G to this as well. She enjoys seeing those Gods coming to life 🙂 and we keep telling her stories about them.

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