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Human beings are creatures of habit. It’s amazing how the human body loves finding routine and rhythm to which we love to happily stick. Let’s see how a few Key Habits can help you achieve your dreams and Success.

The problem with sticking to a habit is that, if we keep doing the same thing day in and day out, we do not learn new things or grow. What can be even worse are we forget stretching our boundaries and limit ourselves from reaching our highest potential.

One way of knowing what we are truly capable of is to create the Key habit of trying to surpass our fears, upskilling ourselves and truly placing ourselves into the person we want to become.

Structuring our day makes or breaks our success. If we keep missing out and allow the bad habits to hold us we are walking towards failure even before we begin.

Ever thought, how many times you do something just because it’s a habit?  You would not even think twice about your action as it is so instilled in you.

How can one be successful? The main trick is to recognize a bad habit and take rectifying actions to replace it with good habit.  Like any habit this also requires constant effort and discipline. 

When we fill our day with these positive Key virtues, we have started walking the path of success.

Key Habits for Success

After lot of reading and understanding habits of people who have succeeded in life and trying some of these habits for myself, I have identified few Key Habits for Success. I have these as a note on my vision board for constant reminders.

I like to keep things simple and easy to follow and hence I think these Key Habits are really easy for anyone to follow and stick to for success in all walks of life.

Schedule Your time and have a morning routine

I have in the past mentioned a lot about how important a daily routine is to be productive.  A routine that works for you.

Read here how to create a daily routine and some tricks on how to stick to it.

No two people can have the same routine. A very good habit is to set up your day and divide your day into various sections productive time, playtime, relaxation time,  exercise time. This way you can schedule your most important tasks to be done.

For me, morning routine make the day. It helps me set the tone of the day. My morning routine usually include meditation, workout, listening to positive and motivational podcasts and positive affirmations.

I was never a meditator but very recently I started meditating and it has got tremendous positive effect on my mind and health.

Scheduling our time is important. Setting the priorities right is important. Set up priorities on what you want to achieve in an year, in a month or week or what is the most important today.

One who is successful can establish their priorities and goals well. Creating a Habit of scheduling your time to work for your goals is a Key habit.

The scheduling time habit helps in reaching your goals faster in an organized approach. Rather than in a haphazard way to keep finding time for yourself and things your have to do. 

Staying Focused

Keep your daily to-do list small

It is important to have To-Do List but keeping it small helps your stay focused on those taks. Limit your goals to 3 or maximum 4 per day. This way you will be much more focused along with not feeling overwhelmed at the same time.

Key Habits Success

For me if my to-do list is very long and seems never ending I tend to get demotivated and start running away from those tasks.

Keeping the To-Do list short and to the point means we can achieve what we plan for the day each day.  And that feeling of accomplishment by crossing the to-do list is not unknown to any of us!! J J

Get out of your comfort zone

Do something that scares you each day.

Most of our dreams are only dreams because of our fears and inhibitions. Learned this in “Dream with Kat program” by One Up Baby.

Yes it is true that everything you dream lies on the other side of your fears.

Every time you do something new or something unfamiliar you are getting beyond your fears and inhibitions. You are building your confidence and getting better at feeling uncomfortable.

Decide on doing just one thing each day. One thing that will lead you to where you want to be.

The more you get out of your comfort zone the faster you will be in your personal growth and see your dreams getting true.

Take care of your Body

Believe it or not unless you take care of your body, your body will not support you when you need it the most. Feed your body with good nourishing meals.

When you Fuel your body with right food it allows your to do your best work and remain focused  and have that stamina to give the required amount of time for your success.

Sitting at one place like a couch potato would only add on to lethargy. Move your body a little. It will energize you and make you more focused.

While I am working, I make sure that for every 30 mins I am sitting at a place, I take an breakd and around for 3 mins atleast.

You might not have time for full 2-hour workout at the gym but twice a week Yoga in the morning is a great source of positive energy and one of the best ways to start your day.

Ending the day with a stroll is also a great way to end your day.

Create white space

Reflect on the positive.

It is very easy to loose motivation and perspective in daily chase of your dream and you may start feeling demotivated or even sorry for yourself.

How can you break this chain of negative thoughts?

I take out 5 mins each day to write down things I am grateful for. The gratitude journal is an instant mood up lifter and gives us lots of hope and happiness. These small gratitude points make you realize that life is really good at the particular moment.

Another way of staying positive and calm is meditating. I have emphasized in my previous posts as well about the power of meditation and effects it has had on me.

Sleep Early and Wake up at the same time

None of us really understand the importance of sleep. Our body needs 7-9 hours of quality sleep to rest and restore itself.

It is not advisable to get trapped in watching mindless shows on TV, Netflix at the cost of good night sleep for yourself.  Instead read a book and create a night time ritual for yourself to unwind your day and relax.

Key Habits Success

Sleeping early will help you getting into the habit of waking up early and energized with more time in your have to focus on yourself, your priorities and have a great morning routine.

So here are few Key Habits you can follow to your path to success.

Comment below and let me know what is your best habit for staying focused and creating success for yourself each day.

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