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When I first saw the title of the book, I was super duper elated and excited to read Kolkata Chronicles and find out what all does the book highlights. After all, it was about my City-in-law( if I may call so ). Read my review to know more about Kolkata Chronicles.

About the Author

Sreeparna Sen, a Banker by profession and a Computer Engineer by education, finds her solace in writing. Her writings have featured on multiple platforms like Women’s Web, Momspresso and Bonobology. Author of the book, “Tales of Wizardencil”, a collection of short stories, she has also co-authored several anthologies like Hawk’s Nest, Sweek Flash Fiction – Part 2 and 4, Route 13: Highway to Hell and Sharing Lipstick.


KOLKATA CHRONICLES – An A To Z Guide For The Uninitiated


The iconic Victoria Memorial and the yellow ambassador taxi on the cover transport you straight to the city. I loved the cover of the book.


Through each letter of English Alphabet, the author has introduced the readers with the heart and soul of the beautiful city of Joy, Kolkata. The book introduces you to Kolkata famous for its rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage.

Structure and Design

The book has been written beautifully while associating quintessential things of the city with each letter from A-Z. As you read the book you get really close to understanding the quirk, the fun and the roots Kolkata is associated with. You get inquisitive to know more about the city. All you want to do is visit the city and experience the joy of this city yourself. Oh How much I miss the city and want to visit it sooner.

Concluding Remarks

The day I saw the tittle of the book, I had decided I have to give it a read for sure. Its been almost 2 years that we have visited our beloved city and reading the book got me back some really fond memories of all the years we have visited Kolkata.

My first Durga Puja, in Kolkata happened to be 10 years ago, exactly when Sreeparna really understood the feeling of Durga Puja. The love for Pandal hopping, the hustle to get ready for pushpanjali, the khichudi prosad.

 The adda, the Cha, the kathi roll, puchka and Maidan. Each and every chapter of this book is pure bliss for mind and soul for a Bengali.

The book is a guide down the memory lane for anyone like me who misses the city and its Joy.

Or if you have never visited the city this will be your guide to understand the city and its emotions so well. I am sure after reading it, you would feel like experience the phenomena called Kolkata.

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