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Miracle Morning Routine has been part of my life for close to two months now. I have never looked back. In fact, when I started, it was only my favorite detox drink and a few minutes of meditation for initial 2-3 days. But then when I started waking up earlier and incorporated all the components of Miracle morning, it changed my days completely. No, I am not joking even a bit. You may call me crazy, but I would request you to please read on and try the Miracle Morning routine for yourself.

What is Miracle Morning?

I heard about Miracle Morning from Katerina of OneUpBaby and when I heard her more I found out that Miracle Morning is a concept mentioned by Hal Elrod in his book The Miracle Morning.

The basic concept days you must wake up an our early and dedicate that one hour of the day for your personal growth. The basic concept is that you wake up an hour early than you must and dedicate that time into your personal growth.

Hal Elrod in his book divides the hour into 6 components and 10 minutes is given to each of these components. He divides that hour into 6 components dedicating 10 minutes to each activity. He calls these 6 components SAVERS.

S is for Silence, so things like meditation or prayer

A is for Affirmations

V is for Visualization (thinking about your goals, steps to get there, and how will you feel when you accomplish them)

E is for Exercise

R is for Reading

S is for Scribing (writing or journaling)

Miracle Morning Routine

My Twist in the Miracle Morning

I will tell you my morning routine in a bit but you have to keep a few things in mind. I do incorporate these steps in my routine. But the order in which I follow is different and the time dedicated to each of the activity. So what I have here is my very own “Miracle Morning Routine” which fits my lifestyle.

My Miracle Morning Routine

I usually wake up at 5 am, That is when the maid comes( OR used to come before the COVID-19 lockdown). My kids don’t typically get up until 7 AM these days. Hence I have good 2 hours with me in the morning.


I start my morning routine with meditation.  Meditation is a fairly new concept to me as it was only very recently when I started meditating. I am still trying to find my kind of meditation.

So this is another thing I have learnt, meditation is like different flavors of icecream, you may have your own choice and it may be totally opposite of mine.  It is a kind of trial and error for me. I keep listening to various meditation audios on Spotify or youtube and still not sure which one I like the most.

However, meditation duration of 5-6 mins is good for me. You may want to do more.

Exercise/ Yoga

Those who know me know that I do not like working out. Now by that I mean the tyipical running to the gym and on the treadmill and doing weights and stuff. For early mornings my routine consists of jumping for around 5 mins and then stretching for another 5 mins.

After this is done, I usually take a warm water bath and come and sit in the balcony for 10 mins.


This is where visualization step comes for me. I usually write my goals at this time in details. And visualize How I see myself achieving it.

As I write my goals, I visualize what I need to do to accomplish them and what will it feel like when I achieve them.

Visualization is a very powerful exercise because it helps me set my mindset for the day with my goals in my mind.


I created a list of affirmations for myself and I keep adding more to them time to time. After Visualizing my goals I read my affirmations to myself every mornings. Affirmations are very specific to what I want in my personal growth.


The next step of my Morning routine is scribbling/journaling. After I am done reading my affirmations to myself I write for around 5-7 minutes.

I write varied stuff, about any decision I need to make, any feeling I have at that point. I pour out what my heart is thinking at that particular moment.

Writing about something which is bothering you, a tought decision to be made, makes it much easier for me.


While the Miracle Morning suggests reading in the morning, I somehow find audios better and that is when I hear good motivational podcasts.

By this step, I have my detox drink with me and I listen to the motivating podcast for around 10 mins.

Benefits of the Miracle Morning Routine

You ask me what are the benefits. For me, I see three main benefits:

Me Time

This is one time during the day I get for myself. As a working mom, my time at home is usually divided into doing household chores or spending time with the kids.  So this time in the morning for myself helps me a lot in collecting my thoughts together.


Somehow the morning time is the only time when I feel I can do some sort of workout. The 10 min workout gets me feeling energetic and ready for the rest of the day.

Personal Growth – Miracle Morning Key Benefit

The Miracle Morning Routine has been a life change experience for me. What started as just 15 min morning drink all by myself ( as suggested by Dr. Priyanka Yadav of Bibs and Brain) , to what I do today has certainly changed my perspective of my day.

The routine helps me set some important tasks each day and help me reach my goals closer each day.

How does your morning routine look like? Do you give at least a few minutes to yourself?

If you are in a situation that you cannot take out one full hour for yourself in the morning, do not feel bad. Start with whatever time you have.  Hal Elrod also mentions how you can use his miracle morning routine for just 6 minutes.

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