Makeup Brushes for Beginners – What I use


When you start using makeup you are not sure how to use what product. At time even if you have right products incorrect tools/brushes will ruin the dreams of creating a fabulous look for yourself. When we apply any makeup we would want it to look all natural. Only, the right brush can help you achieve just that. Today I am sharing with you my first few Makeup Brushes as a beginner.

Makeup Brushes for Beginners – What I use

Today we bring to you some basic brushes which you can use to do your face makeup with ease and perfection.

Flat Foundation brush

First step to your perfect look is foundation. If your foundation is not set properly and gets cakey on you it will ruin your entire look.

I started my makeup journey with blending my foundation with fingers which was just not acceptable. Then I brought these flat foundation brushes from local market. These are not branded but have firm dense bristles.


Beauty Sponges are the revolutionary tools available in the market. You can use them for not only blending your foundation but also for applying your blush, contour and setting up your makeup in place.

You can try a low end local one or can take a branded one from PAC or YBP.

I started using sponges 4-5 months ago for setting my foundation and there is no looking back. Absolutely love the YBP make perfecter.  I also recently got the PAC ones . Comment below if you would want a comparison/review of the two.

Concealer brush

A dome shaped brush with dense bristles is perfect to apply your concealer and correct the uneven tones on your face.

Set your concealer with this brush.

Powder brush

To make your foundation last longer, it is always a good idea to set it with a compact powder. Now using the applicator from the compact packaging might not be the best option. I have realized a powder brush can do wonders there. Take very small quantity on the brush and brush over the product on your face gently. It give you a matte finish and the foundation stays there for longer without creasing.

I have been using this Powder brush from Real Techniques.

Blush Brush

This brush from Real Techniques is just so perfect for applying your blush on your cheekbones. The bristles are ooh-so soft and yet dense that little product can be spread evenly very easily.


Contouring Brush

The art of contouring is something I still need to perfect. But the Real Techniques Sculpting brush has helped me a lot in defining my face. The dense thick angled brush gives it the perfect shape that you can not go wrong in applying perfect pressure in the right areas while contouring your face.


Fan Brush

Typically, a fan brush is used for cleaning off any fall out from your face without destroying your base makeup.

However, Fan brush was the first ever brush I used for putting makeup on my face. I can still say it is the best type of brush when you want to apply highlighter on your face.

Try the Real Technique fan brush.

What all brushes/tools did you start you makeup journey with? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Nice….Really helpful tips for me…as I dnt have much knowledge about make up brushes…Thanks.


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