Massaging the baby – Why and How


Hi Everyone,

Massaging the baby is one of the nicest way of expressing your love to your baby. It gives me immense pleasure when I massage my baby.

Baby massage is like any other massage but we have to keep in mind that we are dealing with very tiny humans 🙂 and hence the massage should be gentle, rhythmic motion with your hands on your baby’s body.

Depending on the situation, I decide whether I would be using oil or moisturiser for massage. I have use the following oils for my daughter’s massage, at times mixing 2-3 together as well.

The massage time is bonding time with my baby and I love talking to her at this time.

Benefits of Baby Massage

  • The first and foremost reason I love massaging my baby is that I have observed that after massage she tends to sleep better.
  • She is more cranky and fussy the days I don’t massage her
  • After nice massage and a warm water bath she is very relaxed.
  • The touch therapy helps my baby develop mentally, socially and physically. During the massage I talk to her and tell her a few stories, it will help her

How to Massage

To know how I massage my baby checkout the video




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