Maybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Lipstick – Review and Swatches


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I hope you all are as much excited as I am for the weekend. I mean its Friday tomorrow!!!!!! Yippieee!!!!!! Honestly Friday for me is to go in hibernation mode and hibernate through the weekend and yet I am still not energized for the long week ahead ? I know all of you can relate with me on this ?

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Coming back to today’s review. Maybelline has recently launched their new range of lipsticks and I am legit obsessed ???

These are the new Maybelline Loaded Bolds Lipsticks. And as the name says, these are 10 Lipsticks that are high on pigment and  color. All the 10 lipsticks are the bold colors which are classy, seductive and intimidating to me. I personally love dark shades as they give a different look once applied. I happen to pick four shades from this new range and to know all about them super quick lets get into the review.

Packaging and Price

These have a very attractive packaging, Maybelline surely knows how to make an impact with a great quality product. This has a royal blue colored plastic cap and as your open it these is silver colored twist panel. Same old lipstick system guys. Nothing that fancy, however, the packaging does looks very attractive. The metal body has Maybelline NewYork written over it and the shade is mentioned below along with the manufacturing date.

These are priced at INR 550/- and that is quite a good deal for the quality that is being offered.

Buy them here

Color Pay-off and Comfort

The color pay-off of these lipsticks is insane, I repeat insane. These are very very pigmented and one swipe in enough for good coverage on the lips. These are highly smooth in texture but not glossy or creamy. They glide on really quick and settle to a matte finish within a matter of 2-3 mins.

I really find them amazing in terms of pigmentation and texture. Very comfortable in lips, they don’t settle in the lines. However, these do get very matte after sometime of application, so please scrub and moisturize your lips in advance.

Range of shades

These are total of 10 shades that are launched in India. Out of which I picked up 4 shades.

1. Midnight Date – A eternal ruby maroon shade. This straight away reminds me to my childhood when my mom used to apply these kind of amazing colors.


I was so drawn towards these shades that as soon as I saw this shade, I knew I had to pick this up for me and for my mother. And guess what, she loves it too.

2. Dynamite Red –

A true Hollywood red. The color that will make your teeth look like pearls. ? Amazingly pigmented coral red that will make you look like a diva.

3.  Fearless Purple –

A magnificent deep plum color, ahhhh!!!! I am obsessed with plum colored lipsticks. Like I can totally wear these 24/7 without feeling embarrassed. This one stole my heart and this is undoubtedly one of my favorites from this range.

4. Raspberry Rendezvous- 

A true barbie pink, this ones sure to make you look very fresh. I really think this shade will look amazing on all skin tones and if paired with a pastel colored dress or top ? this will be a killer ?


Staying Power

These have a great staying power. This lipstick is very messy as it is not transfer proof, this tends to leave marks on your hands and clothes if you’re not careful enough. But these still remain as opaque in color as it is when applied. These stayed on for a good 7-8 hours on my lips with once touch up. Although, I had to reapply it post lunch, that’s because I had a very oily lunch ? (Busted). Otherwise these are bang on with color, pigmentation texture and staying power. I love them and surely will recommend you to try them out.

Over-all thoughts

I personally love them!!!!! These are perfect for everyday use when you want something high on color and yet comfortable on lips. I usually opted for liquid lipsticks for my daily office life, but since I got my hands on these I totally use them and abuse them. The shades I picked are my favorite and they are so perfect for brightening up the day. These are very similar to Colorpop’s Matte X lippie stix. And trust me, if you want to get your hands on those, you should get these instead. Those are exact same texture as these are and price range is quite same too. However, ordering from colorpop is quite a hassle. Over- all I love them and recommend these totally. Get your hands on them soon girls as they have amazing shades to choose from.

Check out the swatches here guys

That’s all for today’s review. Will be back soon with yet another blog-post. Till then take care, keep loving yourself and don’t forget to call yourself beautiful, because you are ?
Priyanka ❤





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