Message In A Bottle – Using A Probiotic Drink For Activism #MyFriendAlexa


Here’s a story for you – A young techie moves to the States to make it big, and he does. But something brings him back home

When Robin was a child, he wanted to help dogs. Not sure how to go about this dream, it slowly got lost while real life was happening in full swing. But then after many years, something switched. Robin wanted a purpose – he wanted to reduce his suffering footprint. This led to many lifestyle changes like turning vegan and upcycling as much as he could. This is also when the idea of Peepal Farm came about.

Robin with Kombucha

Peepal Farm is a non-profit organization in a small village called Dhanotu, Himachal Pradesh. It is a stray animal recovery center, and an organic farm. It is a place which provides the right environment for animals to heal and be heard. The farm has its roots deep into the concept of sustainability and permaculture – from the way the actual farming is done, to the diet consumed by the people working there.

There are three distinctive areas of the farm –

  1. The animal recovery area where strays are brought in who are in need to immediate medical help.
  2. The farm which grows a bunch of fruits, veggies and herbs.
  3. The kitchen where delicious 100% vegan snacks are made.

They have a unique farmstay concept, which enforces the idea of “Involve and inspire”. People can come volunteer, stay at the farm and experience the farm life while opening up different areas of their mind towards leading a conscious and healthy life even after they have left the farm.

Message In A Bottle – Using A Probiotic Drink For Activism

The Probiotic Drink is a smart way to not only get revenue for the medical bills of all the animals coming in regularly (they bear all the medical costs for strays, because who else will?), but also help spread the word about Peepal Farm and the work they do.

One of their best selling products is the Kombucha, the Probiotic Drink, which Robin brews himself. He also makes more drinks like ginger ale, tamarindo and kefir, but the kombucha stands out, because not only is the drink absolutely delicious, but is also good for your gut. Kombucha is fermented black tea, which is made by adding scoby (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) to a cooled solution of water steeped with black tea leaves and some sugar. Kombucha was consumed widely in India, usually referred to as Rota, and now it is gaining popularity worldwide.

Robin has various big glass jars with alien-like cultures growing in them which are key to the entire process of brewing a new batch of Kombucha. Each bottle is packed with probiotic goodness which helps maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in your body.

The final product is delicious nonetheless, but the effort that goes behind making one bottle of Kombucha is commendable. From scrubbing the bottles inside and out to baking them in a solar cooker to kill all the germs and individually labeling and bottling them, when you grab a bottle of Peepal Farm’s kombucha, you will surely feel the love and time invested. Since the aim of Peepal Farm is to reduce trash and function on the principle of upcycling, most of the bottles used for bottling the kombucha and other drinks come from bars and pubs up in McLeodganj. Beer bottles can be a pain to clean, but sometimes, rather than looking at our own convenience, it is better to stand up to the need of the hour and do what’s right. The process behind readying the bottles for the drinks can be cumbersome, but the end result is so worth it. To enforce the concept of upcycling, Peepal Farm also gives a Rs 10 credit on the customer’s net purchase if they return the bottle once finished.

Every bottle of kombucha you purchase from Peepal Farm comes with a blurb explaining the nature of their work, and a little leaflet with the picture and all the necessary information about an adaptable little furry friend. These bottles of kombucha may seem like an unlikely tool for activism, but it sure has become one of the most important ones here, at Peepal Farm.

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  1. Well now, a probiotic drink for the gut, taking care of animals is one of the most noble thing a human can do in his lifetime. This is a lot of effort which people cannot see. I adore this person already!

  2. WOW.. He is doing really a commendable work. With putting so much effort on making this probiotic drink and up-cycling bottles, he is giving us a hope that with passion and hard work, nothing is impossible. Once a techie now a farmer cum dog lover cum business runner.


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