MondSub Peeling off BLACK MASK- Review


We all know the buzz about the charcoal face packs and masks in the beauty industry.  I wanted to give the product containing charcoal a try for myself but was hesitant as charcoal is quite drying. It would have dried my skin even more and hence was staying away from it. In the March Glam Ego box I received the MondSub Peeling off BLACK MASK.  This time I decided I will try it because off late I felt my skin was exposed to too much of pollution and impurities . Charcoal’s properties could help me with the issues.

MondSub Peeling off BLACK MASK


The MondSub Peeling off BLACK MASK comes in a tube packaging with a lid at one end. When you open the lip there is a very small opening from which you can take out the product by squeezing the tube.

The Shelf life of the product is 3 yrs.

You can buy it from Amazon

What the brand claims

The MondSub Peeling off BLACK MASK contains volcanic mud and charcoal powder which has powerful penetration and can rapidly penetrate into the skin and thoroughly cleanse the skin pores. Makes the skin look more clean and bright. Added Arbutin extracts prevents melanin precipitation and keeps the skin brighter and beautiful.

Texture and formula

The MondSub Peeling off BLACK MASK in the tube is a thick yet gooey and runny liquid form. It s quite sticky to apply.

The smell of the product is a mixture of rose and some sort of a glue I felt.

The usage instruction are mention on the tube.

It takes around 20 mins to dry .

Few things to consider when applying this mask.

1.  Apply an even layer on the face

2. Let it sit on the face for 20 mins. Do not let it dry too much. It is painful to remove.

3. If you have facial hair, I would recommend you remove that before apply this mask as while peeling off the dried mask.

Overall Thoughts

To know how it worked for my skin check out the video below


I would give this mask a 3 out of 5.

Have you tried this mask?  how did it work for you? leave a comment below.

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