Monsoon Carnival – Food we love in the rainy season


Whenever it rains what is the first things which comes in the mind??? Pakode? chai? let me tell you about the Food we love in the rainy season.


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Food we love in the rainy season

Pakode ( Fritters )

Those who know me and more importantly my husband know, how something crispy is always needed in whenenver we eat.

What better time than monsoon and rains. A few drizzzles here and there( not even noida) and you hear “Pakode bana rahe ho kya!! ” ( are you making pakode )

Our favorite

  • Onion bhajji/pakode
  • Gobhi(cauliflower ) pakode
  • Beguni (Baigan pakode)
  • Pumpkin flower pakode (I dint know this can be made until a few years ago)
  • Paneer Pakode( cottage cheese)
  • Egg chop( boiled egg pakode)


Ok enough of fried stuff. Well I am not someone who can go eating fried stuff daily. I rather prefer something warm and healthy.

I love various soups in the monsoon seasons.

My favorite being Mix veggie garlic soup. Let me know if you would want the recipe.

Butta (Corn)

I am taken back to the school days whenever I think of have corns during the rainy season.

Most of us are aware of the amazing taste of Roasted corns. Absolutely amazing taste and you can add on spices to it as per your liking.

Have you ever had Corns steam in hot sand . That is something which I have had alot. It has a very unique flavor. Off course, these days you get boiled corns with so many flavors. Those are yummy too.


This is something my daughters love. I have tried a few variants.

  1. Suji Halwa
  2. Besan Halwa
  3. Suji Besan Halwa
  4. Aata(Wheet flour) Halwa


When I was thinking of writing about my favorites in monsoon, the first thing was CHAAAAIIII!!

I am a tea person and I love trying different teas. Nothing beats my own Ginger tea. If you happen to meet me at a place I can make it.. Dont miss the chance 😀

Be it a regular Punjabi style milk tea, Bengali style black tea or a healthy green tea.. we love having these.

The love for tea introduced me to Te-a-Me teas. I loved their wellness infusion teas which have great health benefits. Check out their range here

What are your favorite foods in the rainy season?? Comment below and let me know.

 Let me know if you have tried any of the wellness infusion teas from Te-a-Me.

Happy Monsoon !!!

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This post is part of the “Monsoon Carnival” . I would like to thank the Prime sponsor TE-A-ME and hosts Sayeri from and Jhilmil from , for having this fun carnival! #Monsoon Carnival

Top post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

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  1. My favorite combination during rainy season has to be a hot piping cup of ginger tea along with beguni or peyaji (onion fritters)… Khichdi is another staple diet for the lazy rainy days!
    Your post made to crave for the bhajjis… I wish the stomach remained the same as it was 15 years ago!

  2. Bhuttas are the best in monsoons. Especially the streetside ones with the lemon and masala are my favourite. O like soups over fried stuff too.


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