Motherhood – Bliss of more than one kind


This is a small incident based on experiences I have heard about from various working mother’s.

Hope you relate to it.

My appraisal discussion was due next week. I have been collecting evidences from mails which proved my work in the last one year.  I had given my everything to my work. Spent nights at stretch for resolving issues. There were times when client was assured that since “she” is there things will be under control.

The appraisal was also special as I was due promotion professionally and personally. Personally I was moving up the ladder in life and was going to be a mother soon.

Well, in the office I waited for the clock to strike 12 noon .I wanted rush to the meeting room for the discussion. More so, be able to give another good news to folks back home about my professional growth.

As I entered the room, I was already excited and happy about the new role and responsibilities.

“So when are you going on your maternity leave”, the question came as a shocker to me. My manager was always aware of my pregnancy and my maternity leave plan. Why this question during this meeting?

“I have time!” , I said. I always planned to work till the day before I have my baby in arms. Thankfully, my pregnancy has been a easy sail without any major health concerns. I was hence able to concentrate on my work with all my heart.

My manager expected me to go on a leave as soon as possible as he was concerned!!

The letters were out after a week of this incident. I was not promoted. That guy who joined less than an year ago was made the “Client face”.

As my blood pressure was shooting sky high, I slammed open the door of my manager’s cabin.

“I know it is upsetting. But you got to understand the client’s respective. The client wanted to have someone who could give them full attention. With your maternity leave you will be busy in your personal life. We cant keep the client hanging!”

Yes sir!! rightly said and I came out of the cabin with tears in my eyes.

I came to my seat and sent my resignation letter. It was accepted and I was not required to serve the notice period as well.

How many of you working women felt this was your story??

Well, 2 weeks later I delivered my baby and 3 months after my baby was born, I started my own work from home.

Today my baby is 2 years old and I have spent all my time with my child and see my business grow as well.


When I see it now, I consider my pregnancy to be the boom in more ways than one :

One : I am experiencing the top most relationship of all times : Motherhood.

Two : It made me realize my potential and pursue my dream of doing things for myself rather than for others.

All I want to say at the end is look at every problem as an opportunity to grow further in life.

Hope this inspires you to achieve more as I did.

Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful mommy friends!!





  1. Wow! The story is so true!
    It’s been witnessed many a times in India that women are devoured of the position they deserve in corporate. Strange but true family plan is a condition to hire or promote only applicable to women.
    The scenario needs to change. Women are also preferred as better professionals as they are more sincere and devoted to their responsibility.
    Motherhood is a blessing and not a barrier.


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