Mother’s Day – Unique Gifting Ideas for Your Mom


Mother’s Day – Unique Gifting Ideas for mom

Mother’s Day is approaching and I just thought I would share some unique ideas for the gift.

No Matter the shape and size of the gift, for a mother smallest of gift would value the most. As she knows it is coming from the heart.

Just to inspire you, I thought of curating a list of some gifts I may consider giving my mother this “Mother’s Day” .

Whether you choose A luxurious gift or a DIY , your Mother’s day would become special if you can make her smile on her special day!!

DIY Homemade Beauty Treatment

Face Masks

On this Mother’s Day, give your mom a day to remember by making your home into her own personal the spa.

Give your mom a homemade facial, hair treatment or massage at home.

Use the following ingredients to make a mask for your mum.

  • Gram Flour( Besan)
  • Lemon
  • Honey
  • Cream

Make it into a paste and apply on the face. Leave for 15 mins and rinse off with water.

Your mom will surely feel refreshed and fabulous.

2. Gift her a spa

Cant do things at home due to time issues?? Book a spa day for her in your favorite spa for a day of pampering! This will help in relieving her from stress.

3.Breakfast in Bed

Pamper her with breakfast in bed. You can either order a full spread from a restaurant or take help from the kids and cook something for her at home.

4. Feast :

We always want mom’s cooked food. Why not give her a treat and make a feast for her on her special day while she sits back and relax.

Find out her favorites food and cook a feast which would include all of her favorite food.

5. Plan for an outing

Mother never demands nor expects anything from her children, but we all know that she
simply needs our time, attention, affection and love. Everyone is too busy with their daily
chores and we tend to forget to give her some time from our schedule. Let’s gift her all the happiness you could ever give her.

6. Go on a shopping spree

Take her for shopping and don’t let her buy for anyone else. Let her choose a few favorite pieces and make sure she goes home with them!

7. Write a poem

This one is probably for the ones who are good at writing. Write a poem or a few words from the heart, print and frame it. You can wrap it nicely in a gift wrap and a nice lace. You can also send her a book of published poems. Most mothers adore sentimental
thoughts from their family or friends.

8. Special Scrapbook

Make a Mother’s Day scrapbook, Have pictures and mementos of all things mom, or about a trip or event you shared together.

Read about Motherhood – Bliss here

9. Create a photo album from Old Photos

In the new digital world with no printed photos it may seem like the memories fade. But that is not how it is.

Memories never disappear from the mind. It always rewinds the sweet moments and happiness shared with each other. Drive her mind to that unforgettable journey.

Take her old to latest photos and make one album. Write the special notes right down the photo. This will help her in rejuvenating the old memories.  You can also make personalized frames and put pictures in them.

10. Give her the gift of a clean house

Clean the house before she gets up in the morning. If your mom dreads cleaning out her closet or scrubbing the bathroom floor, then do it for her!

11.Health check-up

For a mother her children and her family are one of the top most priority but when it comes to their health they forget about taking care of themselves .

This Mother’s day, take a step forward and book a complete health check up for her to ensure she is fit and fine.

12. Flowers can lift up the mood

Flowers have a great impact on soothing relations. You can break the barriers of
distance by sending her the delighting flowers bouquet. Pray for her good health and
happiness sending her some flowers. Pre-book the flowers and be ready to see the smile on her face.

Hope these things will give you some idea on how to make your mom’s mother’s day memorable one this year.

Leave a comment below . let me know what are your plans?




  1. The ideas you have shared are really unique. Small small things can make a person happy. My mother will be the happiest person if I gift her a clean home! ?


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