Must-Have Makeup Products for Beginners

Makeup Products for Beginners

I am today sharing with you “Must-Have Makeup Products for Beginners. We all face issues when it comes to buying makeup mostly when you have no idea as to what will suit you, or what color foundation you should use or how to use pressed powders every day. These are very common mistakes for most of us when we start exploring the world of makeup.  So if you too suffer from acute nervousness when you think about makeup and have no clue how to build you vanity, then this post is just for you.

We must begin by understanding that you don’t need a lot of products to start with makeup. Less is More that is the mantra to adhere to. You should have few basic products that will make you fab from dab.

I have divided the products in terms of how you should use them.

Must-Have Makeup Products for Beginners

Makeup Products for Beginners

1. Foundation

Foundation is not exactly a must have for beginners. One must although have a little special something for days when you want to have full coverage on your face.

Makeup Products for Beginners

For other days I would recommend a good BB or CC cream. My recommendation for a good CC cream will be the Body Shop CC cream. Sadly, I don’t have this one with me right now as I have to repurchase this one. But its a great one for everyday use and its not too heavy on the skin. However, it is not very budget friendly.

I would suggest to go for a good foundation that will give you natural to medium coverage and still make your skin look as natural as it should be. The recommendation I have for a beginners foundation will be Maybelline’s FiT Me Matte Poreless Foundation.

This one is go to and a holy grail product. This has good consistency and beautiful coverage. If you feel comfortable after application then you can easily layer it too and build up the coverage.

This costs you around INR 550/-   for  30ml of product.

2. Compact powder

Okay girls!!!! This one is a important part. Even if you skip on buying a CC cream or a foundation, one must invest in a good compact to give you a very natural and fresh look. You should choose a good compact as per your face type. If you have oily skin type then go for a matte compact. If you are of combination skin then go for a good neutral compact. I have two recommendation as per the the two skin tones.

One would be Maybelline Super Fresh Compact and other one will be Maybelline FITme compact. Both work amazing for all skin types.

I have not forgotten my beauties who have dry skin type. You really don’t need to apply a compact all over your face if you have dry skin type. When you apply foundation just use any of these compact on your t-zone and you are good to go. Compact will make your skin more dry and patchy, hence stay away from application of compact all over the face.

3. Eye-shadow Palette

Trust me you can use this pallets for any look you need. These two palettes will be essential for your everyday need and also for the days when you want to glam up your look. The first one will be Maybelline New York The Blushed Nudes Palette and the other one is Maybelline New York The Rock Nudes Palette. Both these palette are good for beginners.

Detailed review of The Rock Nudes Palette

The palettes are priced at around INR 800-900/- each.

They are perfectly pigmented and easily blendable by fingers too, so you have a easy-peasy application without much efforts.

4. Kajal

Kajal is a very basic but a very strong part of your vanity. This can make or break any makeup look. One must not over-do this and not at all skip it too. My top liner for beginners will be The Plum Goodness Kajal. This stays on for a long time and doean’t smudge. That means No Panda Eyes .

5. Eye- Liner

So we do need to make the eyes accentuate after we load them with eye shadows. The eyeliner gives a great amount of depth and dimension to your eye look. Always opt for a good liner to make sure you are done for the whole day. My all time favorites are from Maybelline and Nykaa.

Maybelline The Colossal Liner and Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner  are amazing buy. Since you will learn a lot of techniques and then find your own to apply a good liner, the sketch pen eyeliners are the perfect catch for you all.

The another one that I suggest is Nykaa 24H Vinyl Luxe Eyeliner, this one is a liquid eyeliner and if you have a good hand in applying liquid eyeliner then opt for this one. This is sharp and precise and the formula stays on for a long time. Check out the review here

6. Blush

For me, a blush is not a very important part. Although it does help your skin to have that natural glow. It brings back color to your face after you have applied a good amount of foundation and compact. Fair skin tones should opt for pinks and the the girls with medium to dark complexion should opt for blush pinks and peach colors. The only blush that I seemed to enjoy a lot is from Makeup Revolution. I also happen to have their Ultra Blush Pallete and that has all the colors. Another one would be Maybelline’s V-Blush, it has varieties from pink to peach and you can pick whichever suits you best.

Checkout the detailed review blog of Maybelline V-Face Range


I have a detailed blog post for you all on this point. There can’t be just any lipstick to begin your makeup journey with. No amount of lipstick is enough ever. You can check out that blog post and decide which lipstick you want to go for in particular or buy them all. The only suggestion will be to stay away from liquid lipsticks at initial stage and use creamy or matte lipsticks instead. Those are easier to work with and are also easy to clean up if you mess with them.

Hope you find this blog helpful in creating your first ever makeup kit. Do comment below what all do you have in your makeup must-have.

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  1. Nice review…plum kajal is new fr me.. I never tried lakme cc only ponds /garnier bb cream…do post a review under one brand product…


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