My First eBook – Laptop Lullabies and Lemonade – With Kapila


First is always special, your first day in the world, your first day at school, your first day in college, your first baby. Laptop Lullabies and Lemonade – with Kapila holds a very special place in my heart, it is my First eBook.

When I started blogging almost 3.5 years ago, all I wanted was to share my experience and views with everyone which would help pick my readers some tips from my experiences.

I have been into a full-time corporate role for more than a decade and maintaining work-life balance has become a part of me. With new roles added to my life as a wife and then a mother, the balancing act was challenging. However, these challenges motivated me to move forward.

Journey from a Blogger to Author of my first ebook

In the month of April, I participated in the Blogchatter A2Z challenge and wrote on topics to which a working woman would connect. Blogchatter A2Z challenge is about writing for 26 days of the month with each letter from the English Alphabet.

The Blogchatter team had informed the participants that we have the option of converting these blog posts into an ebook in their Ebook Carnival. I was excited about the idea and hence decided that it will be a nice way to collect all the information and collate it in the form of an ebook.

Blogchatter ebook Carnival is an amazing way to learn how to put the book together. The have a wonderful team and amazing mentors to guide you for each stage.

This is how my first ebook was born. Laptop Lullabies and Lemonade – With Kapila is a book for everyone who wants to get some guidance on how to manage work and personal life. It is a collection of tips and hacks to manage your days better and enjoy whatever you do.

The book is availabe for download from the Blogchatter Website.

Laptop Lullabies and Lemonade – With Kapila




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