My Top parenting Mantras #Momology


Each of us have our own style of raising and nurturing our kids. We all have days when we feel kids are the best things to happen in the world. Then there are also days when you miss your pre-kids days.

Since I am in a regular job as well I tend to be away from the kids for a lot of time during the day. Today I am sharing with you few of my mantras which create a happy space at home with my kids.

My Top parenting Mantras

Top parenting Mantras - Every little thing happiness

Hugs whenever we meet

We all know the importance of hugs and they cost nothing.  I never let go the hug ( just stating ) 😀

We hugs when we wake up. We hugs while leaving for work/school. We hugs when we meet in the evening after work. We hug whenever we want to. 

15 minutes Undivided attention

My girls are at the daycare for major time of the day. In the past through personal experiences I have realised that  the day  m lost in my thoughts while  pick y daughters from daycare it is little difficult in comparison to day when I give them undivided attention for just 15 mins in the evening when  pick them.

I try to pick them up with no gadgets in my hands so no social media, calls or messages. Once we are home, we spend 15 minutes together.

You know its not a very long time but it makes a lot of difference.  We take this time to talk to each other( with my 5 year old) and play ( mostly with my 1 year old).

These 15 minutes are also used in learning things like

Top parenting Mantras - Every Little Thing Happiness
  1. Removing shoes and keeping in the shoe rack.
  2. Washing hands and face.
  3. Keeping the used utensils and clothes in washing spaces

Having evening snacks together

Dinner usually happens early for the kids at home .  The girls usually have their snacks at the daycare. However, once we are home we usually have a glass of milk together. This way I take that one glass of milk for myself also.

We even play games of who finishes milk first and then reward the one who does that😊

Discussing the day

Elder one these days has a lot of stories to tell and We have this story telling sessions. We also discuss on how was my day at work and what all we ate in the day. What is on dinner.This time also helps my kids to take out all the frustration or anger due to any incident of the day.

Be Their Age

For once let’s forget our age and be cute as them. I dance with my girls.  The evening and after dinner dancing jams are the best times of the day for us.

Top parenting Mantras - Every Little Thing Happiness

Keep Calm

This is probably every mom’s mantra however the most difficult to achieve. There are times when I completely loose it but when I am calm it’s easier to handle the situation.

These few mantra help me deal with tricky situations and keep it a  smooth sail for me.

What are you parenting mantras? Do share in the comments below

Top parenting Mantras - Every Little Thing Happiness

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  1. Such a lovely post, Kapila.

    I love how you’ve stressed over spending quality time with your children despite being a working mother. Your kids are super cute & yeah, being their age while keeping some madness going on helps bond with them & also is a great stress-buster for us. I do that too!


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