N- Night Time Routine – Ideas For Your Perfect End of Day


Do you have a Night Time routine in place? Do you think a Night Time Routine helps in having a better next day?  To be honest, it has helped me most definitely. When I started following a proper night time routine, I noticed I was falling asleep sooner and getting up the next day easily and much refreshed.

Why is it good to have a Night Time Routine

In my last post, I talked about how Miracle Morning Routine has helped me set the tone right for the day. In the same way, having a good night time routine has helped me reflect on the day, relax and get prepared for the next day. The routine has helped me in sleeping more peacefully and hence the good night’s sleep has helped me take on things in a better positive way.

Though, I have always loved routines and tried following certain pattern from a very long time, it is only recently that I have started with proper night time routine. It did take me a while but the Lockdown worked in my favor to make these into a habit and now I actually love it.

Even if on weekends if I am sleeping late due to movie time or preparing for the week on Sunday, I make sure I follow these things as much as I can. Somehow, now I get more peaceful sleep only after I follow these steps of my Night Time Routine.

Now lets look at what can we do to have a better end to our day for a refreshed and bright morning the next day.

Night Time Routine

When does your Bedtime Routine start?

For me my night time routine starts after dinner. It involves cleaning the kitchen, washing the utensils(in the current LOCKDOWN situation) and clearing dining table. I try not to take a break before this because if I do, I kind break the body’s momentum and I then, just want to sleep.

We also include kids in doing cleaning tasks. Running the household is an important lifeskill I want my girls to learn.

Once the kitchen is sorted and clean, I have my remaining night for myself and for the lovely Night Time Routine.

We usually get kids to change into nightclothes, have some storytime and then put them to sleep.

After the girls have slept, its time for my relaxing bedtime routine.

My Bedtime Routine

Around  one hour before the lights are finally off, I start with my night time routine. At this time, all the gadgets are away on silent or maximum I do is put on some light soothing music.

Journal to reflect your day

This is the first thing I do to unwind and reflect. Journal, how my day went. I usually write 3-5 things I am grateful for today. Gratitude Journaling doesn’t have to be something too big. It can be as small as having a good tea at work.

Plan the next day

Writing down 1-2 priority tasks for the next day. Things I need to do or need to remember.

Get raw material ready for breakfast

By doing this a night before, I know that one thing for the day is already done for the next morning. Now this does not mean I make the entire breakfast. This means I put the things to be used in breakfast at one point.

Take care of your body

Brushing teeth, removing makeup and performing nighttime skin care. You already know this J

Put together your outfit for tomorrow

Take out clothes for the next day and put them in sets for everyone. This saves time in the morning. During normal school days its easier as there is school uniform.

Relax with Meditation

Do some meditation to relax your body. Mediation not even relaxes body it helps the brain unwind too.

Switch on the Dim lights and go to sleep early

Trying to aim for 6-8 hours of night Sleep.

Going to bed at the same time

A very important aspect of your night time routines is going to bed around the same time. This helps your body and sets itself to get ready for some good sleep.

I have been using the Mi Fitness band tracker for tracking my sleeping pattern and I have realized I feel more rested if I sleep max by 10:30 PM.   I tend to have better Deep sleep which is important for your body’s repair and recovery.

Now that you know about my nighttime routine what all do you do during your night time routine? Do you have an evening routine? Let me know in the comment section below

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