New Age mom’s Colic solution – MotherSparsh TummyRoll On


Miss G was a little older than a month, she had been a happy baby till now who fed, slept well.  But that evening she looked uncomfortable and started crying. I checked her diaper it was fine.  Hungry? No she dint pacify with the feed.  She kept crying and the cry started increasing.  Being a new mom I had no idea of what was happening and I was about to loose my calm. My mom then suggested putting Heeng(Asafetida) water around her navel area.  With lot of speculation I agreed and made a solution of water with Heeng. Couple of minutes after that my little baby was pacified and slept in my arms.  

Its been more than 5 years to that incident and even for Baby T, I still resort to the same Heeng along with saunf for any kind of indigestion issues.  However, things will now change with the new launch from MotherSparsh

New Age mom’s Colic solution – MotherSparsh TummyRoll On

MotherSparsh TummyRoll On

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It is the MotherSparsh Tummy Roll-on. The Tummy Roll-on is made up from the combination of different natural oils such as hing oil and saunf oil to treat colic and indigestion in babies.  It is a combination of 5 Oils provides relief from stomach discomforts caused due to gas, acidity and indigestion in infants and children.

New Age mom's Colic solution - MotherSparsh TummyRoll On

Mother Sparsh Roll-on is 100% Ayurvedic and free from chemicals, preservatives and manufactured in traditional way to provide the benefits to maximum extent.


The MotherSparsh Tummy Roll On is made from natural oils.

1.       Hing Oil

Hing is known from ancient aryuveda to help in case of flatulence.  While as adults we consume hing in our food. For infants it works to apply hing around the navel area. The relieves from stomachpain

2.       Pudina Oil

Pudina(mint) is again a great reliever when it comes to stomach pain due to flatulence. Including mint chutney in our diet is advisable to improve digestion as it has a carminative property of releasing gas.

3.       Sonth Oil

Sonth or Dry Ginger is also a very effective in stomach troubles. It helps in relieving diarrhea, constipation and gas issues.

4.       Saunf Oil

Fennel essential oil can help to clear the bowels, relieve constipation, and get rid of gas and bloating, providing much-needed relief

5.       Sova Oil

Sova oil has great benefits in relieving stomach pain and bloating.

Key Features:-

The main features of the MotherSparsh Tummy Roll-on are

  • It is 100% Ayurvedic/Herbal
  • It relieves Stomach Discomfort  and Gas Pain
  • Since it is Chemical Free it is skin friendly .

Packaging and usage

MotherSparsh Tummy Roll-on comes in a cardboard box packaging and inside the packet you would have the main product which is a cylindrical bottle with roll-on applicator.

The roll on applicator is very handy and easy to use. Just apply it directly on stomach around the naval area.⠀

Where to buy ⠀

The Roll-on is priced for INR 249/-. It is available on their website . You can also buy it from Amazon

Overall Thoughts

MotherSparsh Tummy Roll-on is the best example of ancient Ayurveda meets modern comfort and ease.

The roll-on applicator is really easy to use and the size of the bottle is small enough to fit in your child’s diaper bag.

I have the habit of using all the products on myself before using it on my kids. On first use, I could see the product was easily dispensed from the roll-on applicator. It is oil based and smells exactly like the ingredient mixture. It has a mixed smell of hing, saunf.   

I think this is a must have product in your child’s Diaper Bag. Checkout the Top 5 baby wipes




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